Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Host

Melanie Stryder has lived a life of running and hiding ever since the invasion happened. Many years she has been caring for her brother, stealing food to survive. Life was tough until she met Jared, the love of her life. Together life became easier as Jared is very reliable. An incident happened where Melanie makes her way into the city where the aliens are highly populated, she needs to search for her relative and go back together.

Melanie was caught and soon her body taken over, humans were made as host for "souls". Wanderer could hear Melanie all the time, her rebellious thoughts, her hate for Wanderer's kind. If Melanie was strong enough, she could take back her body, but Wanderer is determine to stay in Earth and to experience a new life. A Seeker is always pestering Wanderer for more information from Melanie, her memories whether there are more humans out there. Soon Wanderer was to give up and move to another body, while she travel to meet her Healer , Melanie convinced her to find her relatives, a hiding sanctuary that was mentions by Melanie's Uncle Jeb.

The story continues with Wanderer's adventure where she was found by humans, brought to the hiding place and live with them. There are man secrets as to how the place was built, how in the bare desert this place was found. There are many survivors and they all hate the "souls" calling them parasites. Wanderer tries to live on without being kill and found that Melanie's love for her brother and Jared are also hers.

Ever imagine what would it feel having to share your body with another person, hearing another person's thoughts in your head. Not having the control over your body or using all of your will just to move a finger or two.

"The Host" by Stephenie Meyer (the twilight saga author) is one of the most interesting books I have ever read. In my opinion, this novel is way better than twilight saga because it is more mature and the characters aren't high school kids which are crazy in love . In this book, the main character is Wanderer, how she lives with human, how she learns to love them and be loved in the end.

There is a lot of love in the story, not the kind of selfish love you read from Bella and Edward but a more sacrificing love. One thing about Stephenie's writing, there is always a triangle love but in the end the characters who are in the outs of the triangle will still end up with someone. For example, Jacob was in love with Bella but Bella chooses Edward and vice versa, in the end Jacob found the love of his life which is Bella's daughter. So in "The Host" Jared loves Melanie, Wanderer loves Jared but Jared can't be with Melanie unless Wanderer gives up the body.

There is also an interesting change in the hearts of human, you can never perceive people with your first impression. Ian who seemed like he will kill Wanderer will soon sympathise and want to be friends. Many humans learn to like Wanderer and be friends, she is one of a kind afterall.

What I like about this book is the concept of aliens taking over Earth to maintain peace. Those "souls" feel that we humans have too much hate, anger and violence, therefore to save the human race they invade us. They take over our bodies and lives life just as it is without all those violence. There are a kind which does not have much emotions and doesn't succumb to emotions controlling our actions. They need not pay for anything therefore there is no need for money. One thing's for sure, they are very united and all have the same goals.

I think it sounds good to have world peace with everyone having a same goal and not having any rankings in terms of wealth because no money system. Sadly the idea of an alien taking over my body is just plain scary. In the book, not many are as strong as Melanie to survive, most humans are just lost (which is dead) and they can never return anymore.

Another thing I like about the book is the romance developing from characters and also the change in human hearts even though they can hate something enough to kill, there can always be a change of heart. How the characters change are interesting in the book.I also like the title of each chapter, where a single word is used, it is enough to describe the chapter. Stephenie Meyer has a really good imagination and for me it outdid the saga series.

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