Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can you keep a secret?

Shh...Let me tell you a secret....can you keep it? You must promise not to tell another soul, okay I'll take your word for it. I actually saw my neighbour kissing another woman and I took a picture of it. Actually I have more to share, I feed my neighbour's cat chilli because it always shits in my garden. I once put salt in my manager's coffee and blamed it on someone else....I think I've talked too much. That's how the story is for Emma.

Emma has plenty of secrets, none that she can tell even to her best friend. Unfortunately she spilled it all out to a stranger that she met on a plane. She panicked as the plane had some turbulence and she could not control the things that kept coming out of her mouth. She thought all would be well because it was a stranger and then when she got back to work, the stranger is there. He is the founder of the company she is working for, big big disaster for Emma. She tries hard to avoid but he calls out to her most of the time for work.

This is a chick lit book that has much comedy like the other Sophie Kinsella books. Much mystery lies with out main male character. Emma has a wonderful best friend who is always there, a handsome boyfriend who everyones thinks they are the perfect match. But somewhere iside Emma she doesn't feel like she is in love with him, instead she notices her boss more. There is fun in wanting to know how the ending will turn up and how this typical story can be not typical at the end.
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