Monday, July 13, 2009

She went all the way

She went all the way to what? where? with who?.....Rumour has it that it's with a movie star, who is she? Lou Calabrese famous screenwriter who won an academy award was stranded with Jack Townsend in Alaska. They have to survive in the cold cold wilderness and also from killing each other because they hate each other, and this hate has been around for 6-7 years. How did they survive?? Well we will have to read the latest novel from Meg Cabot, "She went all the way".

This book contains elements that are funny, adventurous, mysterious and also romantic, entertaining from start till end. At first I laughed a lot because the main characters hate each other and say spiteful things to each other all the time, which makes it funny. Surviving in the cold cold wilderness in Alaska makes the story adventurous followed by the running away from murderers makes you wonder who would go after a movie star who claims to have not offended anyone in his entire life.

The spark and lust that they both have for each other is the romance element of the book. They are both attracted to each other but both doesn't want to admit it. Lou kept thinking that it's not right to be attracted to Jack because he broke her best friends' heart and she does not want to date another actor again. Jack has never loved before and thinks that his feelings are just interest in Lou because she is a different type of woman that he has dated all these whiles.

The stories starts with the introduction of our characters then it moves on to how Lou and Jack ended in the cold wilderness, proceeded to how they survived and made it back to civilization, how they uncover the murderer and what comes of the relationship.

Everytime I pick up a Meg Cabot book I always enjoy the book. All novels that are written by her always have new characters with different personality and definitely a different kind of storyline. I have read her novel on a lady bumping into trouble and trying to solve it, another novel is about a blabber mouth who fixes wedding dresses and has a crisis in her love life and this one is about a screenwriter. You truly cannot find any resemblance and even the locations are all different parts of USA. I will definitely keep being a fan of Meg Cabot books.

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