Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm not a Geek?

Geek is a stereotype for people in the IT line, owns many gadgets, know the computer well, can't live without a computer, the internet and many more. I'm often called a Geek by my sister, I remember when I was in college and we had some argument and she couldn't win, she would keep repeating, "geek, geek, geek" in a high pitch voice. That time it annoys me big time, but now I think being a geek is cool, it's the "in" thing. Sadly after reading a list of "100 Essential Skills for Geeks" I realise I'm not a true geek.

After analysing the list, here what I have from that list:
  1. Remove a virus from a computer. (That's because I have anti-virus software and Google)
  2. Understand what “There’s no Place Like” means.
  3. Know the difference between skills and traits.
  4. Understand the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel.
  5. Know why it is just wrong for Luke and Leia to kiss.
  6. Sleep with a Cricket bat next to your bed. (Mine's a baseball bat)
  7. The meaning of technical acronyms.
Out of 100 I only have 7, boy do I suck bad. Haha. Skills that I think cool to have from that list:
  1. Crack the WEP key on a wireless router.
  2. Leech Wifi from your neighbor.
  3. Screw with Wifi leeches.
  4. Program a universal remote.
  5. Recover data from a dead hard drive
  6. Successfully disassemble and reassemble a laptop.
  7. Build a fighting robot.
  8. Program a fighting robot.
These are skills that I wished I have, it's definitely useful. You can have "free" wifi because you're using your neighbours' haha.

Skills I find funny to have from the list:
  1. The ability to name actors, characters and plotlines from the majority of sci-fi movies produced since 1968.
  2. Have a documented plan on what to do during a zombie or robot uprising.
  3. Identify evil alternate universe versions of friends, family, co-workers or self.
  4. Be able to recite at least one Geek Movie word for word.
  5. Be able to trace the Fellowship’s journey on a map of Middle Earth.
  6. Know all the names of the Dwarves in The Hobbit.
I would say that not all geeks read fantasy novels, therefore some might not even touch Lord of the rings series. I did read all three of the books but I don't know how to trace the journey on a map. Maybe this skill is good for people in reading maps, haha.

Lastly skills that I myself feel that Geeks should have (not from the list):
  1. Know how to program "Hello World" in 3-4 different programming languages
  2. Is always updated with the latest games whether in PC or consoles
  3. Love playing strategy games and RPGs
  4. Always in front of the computer surfing, playing games, programming
  5. Understands acronyms used in games
  6. Know how to assemble a computer without instructions
  7. Is always updated with the latest technology news
I do have a few out of the above so I guess that still makes me a geek but not a full fledged one. The more I know the better I'll be. Knowledge is power.


  1. He is one typical geek, which is good, geeks are cool nowadays :P


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