Sunday, July 12, 2009

Accenture Annual Dinner & Dance 2009

This annual dinner was on 10th of July just this Friday and it was my last time attending as I am leaving the company already. Currently I'm having my leave and my official last day is 15th July, it's kinda sad because I'll definitely miss all the good people and wonderful friends that I met throughout my time with the company. I hope I still have the opportunity to work with them in the future again. All is not too bad as technology is advance and we can always keep in touch and chat everyday. I'm just a MSN message, a Facebook message, an email, a sms and a phone call away, I'm never too far as I'm not going overseas for a job.

Anyway back to the main topic, last year's dinner was much better which is in terms of location, food and performance. The theme itself is interesting but I think the performances were not musical enough nevertheless good effort from the people, work is busy and they used their own personal time for practices. I was eager to try desserts as my convocation was there and the tea time food was good :) but sadly desserts weren't served at all :(.

Most of my colleagues were there except for two, sad that they miss out on this, the Shell DSO gang came in an interesting group "The Little Mermaid" and they won the best team dress up. The lucky draw prizes weren't as good as last year, they have to cut down on budget because of the economy I guess but still I think Accenture can afford as projects that are won cost millions.

Performances started with Phantom of the Opera which sucked, there were dancing but it ain't good, there wasn't the famous song, which I think they should have performed. Next were the Bollywood group, I think they did a fantastic job, there was a lot of dancing but still no singing. Then we have Beauty and the Beast, not bad seeing that they did a little bit of singing, only one sang and the most were just lip synching. Lastly we have the Grease performance which was the best there were lots of singing and dancing, about 3 songs from the Grease musical, definitely enjoyable. One thing that I didn't enjoy about the performances is they all put in elements of work. It's our annual dinner and we're suppose to relax and enjoy but no they had to remind us of work, oh well, nothing you can change about a company that promotes people being workaholics.

Below are some pictures that I've taken, not a lot, most of it are in my Facebook album. Enjoy!!

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