Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This Japanese animation originates from a set of light novels with a total of 25 episodes. I have yet to finish the watching it, 3 more to go because I'm waiting for the subber to finish this project. This anime has 4 great opening and ending to it, I totally love the "Orange" the second ending sung by the three voice actresses of the characters.

You have your typical high school life, romance between the characters. Our main characters both live next to each other without knowing and then they met by Ryuuji bumping into Taiga. Taiga is a feisty little person, aggressive and both of them got on the wrong end. Little did they know, they were in love with each other's best friend and therefore decided to help in each to get the person they love.

This series is filled with fun, a slice of high school life and polygon romance. It's a bit obvious of who would end up with who just by looking at the openings. What I like about this anime is how innocent Taiga becomes when talking bout Yuusaku (Ryuuji's best friend) and how dumb looking Ryuuji is when next to Minori.

I'm sure the light novels are better but no doubt the animators did a great job bringing the book to life in short 25 episodes. You can read the light novels at Toradora Light Novels. Below are a sample of the opening and endings.

Pre-Parade (TV-SIZE) - Toradora!

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