Monday, June 22, 2009

Blood+ - 2

More hacking and slashing from chevaliers and Saya herself, of course the Red Shield gang is not left out with their guns, more shooting and more bloodshed. From Vietnam to Russia is where Saya had to go to search for Diva. Saya have yet to meet Diva but encountered her from her flashbacks of memories.

The story of Hagi and Saya is revealed a bit where how they met is mentioned. Saya had her memory jolted when she was in Russia traveling and fell of the train. More of her past becomes clearer and Saya didn't seem to like it. After falling from the train, Saya, Hagi, Riku and their guide in Russia manage to reach their destination but more trouble happens. Saya was attacked and a new gang of baddies appear where their story is not told yet.

The attack triggered Saya to leave with Hagi in search of the Zoo where more of her past is revealed. Finally Saya met Diva but something happened that devasted her. Diva escaped Saya and a clear difference in strength can be seen. Saya had to do something touch to save the situation, it's definitely not what she wanted.

The book ended with a sad ending, no one important died though but still sad. I wouldn't know what to expect next. This second novel definitely kept my attention compared to the first one, that's because more of Saya's past was revealed but still more to come. More fighting and the bond between Saya and her brothers are definitely shaken at one point but the bond definitely get stronger after every obstacle. The storyline progresses very well in this book and the mystery is still kept alive,in regards to action wise there are plenty. Looking forward to the third book as I want to know more of Saya's past and the story continues whether she will beat Diva and defeat all of the Chiropterans.

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