Thursday, June 25, 2009

Krispy Kreme

I haven't heard of creme that is crispy before nor have I tasted one. I guess the name for this doughnut might have been derived from the outside being crispy and the inside of the doughnut so soft and creamy, well that's what I've tasted.

Finally the famous US doughnut is here in town, for quite sometime actually since Berjaya Times Square has the first store opened. Now Midvalley Megamall has one too, it's right next to Pizza Hut at Lower Ground. This brand of doughnut is owned by Vincent Tan the guy who started Mcdonalds chain. With this new brand we see more competition with the other brands such as Dunkin' Doughnuts, J Co and Big Apple. I would say that the flavor between J Co and Big Apple is similar. Dunkin' Doughnuts have their own flavours and Krispy Kreme too.

Currently not all flavours are available in Malaysia's Kripsy Kreme, I asked the employees and they said maybe in future more will be brought in. Before I've tasted it's original flavour, I've heard many stories that if you travel overseas this doughnut is a must try. I have a colleague who studied in England told me that everytime his friends visit him they will definitely buy a dozen to eat.

I sound like I'm advertising for them, LOL, I just want to share my thoughts on it. The first bite was really nice, the whole doughhut is good, could be sweeter and slightly bigger because I can finish the whole in just 3 bites. It's kinda small, I notice all doughnuts shops are selling it at that size, I remembered it used to be bigger in Dunkin', oh well I guess the economy is causing them to be stingy. The flavours that Krispy Kreme is selling is different from the rest, they have cookies and creams, the toppings in chunks, peanut butter and chocolate, Hershey's, glazed chocolate cake (love this) and many that I haven't tried. Overall I give it a 8/10. The following are some photos of my sister posing for them :P.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This Japanese animation originates from a set of light novels with a total of 25 episodes. I have yet to finish the watching it, 3 more to go because I'm waiting for the subber to finish this project. This anime has 4 great opening and ending to it, I totally love the "Orange" the second ending sung by the three voice actresses of the characters.

You have your typical high school life, romance between the characters. Our main characters both live next to each other without knowing and then they met by Ryuuji bumping into Taiga. Taiga is a feisty little person, aggressive and both of them got on the wrong end. Little did they know, they were in love with each other's best friend and therefore decided to help in each to get the person they love.

This series is filled with fun, a slice of high school life and polygon romance. It's a bit obvious of who would end up with who just by looking at the openings. What I like about this anime is how innocent Taiga becomes when talking bout Yuusaku (Ryuuji's best friend) and how dumb looking Ryuuji is when next to Minori.

I'm sure the light novels are better but no doubt the animators did a great job bringing the book to life in short 25 episodes. You can read the light novels at Toradora Light Novels. Below are a sample of the opening and endings.

Pre-Parade (TV-SIZE) - Toradora!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Blood+ - 2

More hacking and slashing from chevaliers and Saya herself, of course the Red Shield gang is not left out with their guns, more shooting and more bloodshed. From Vietnam to Russia is where Saya had to go to search for Diva. Saya have yet to meet Diva but encountered her from her flashbacks of memories.

The story of Hagi and Saya is revealed a bit where how they met is mentioned. Saya had her memory jolted when she was in Russia traveling and fell of the train. More of her past becomes clearer and Saya didn't seem to like it. After falling from the train, Saya, Hagi, Riku and their guide in Russia manage to reach their destination but more trouble happens. Saya was attacked and a new gang of baddies appear where their story is not told yet.

The attack triggered Saya to leave with Hagi in search of the Zoo where more of her past is revealed. Finally Saya met Diva but something happened that devasted her. Diva escaped Saya and a clear difference in strength can be seen. Saya had to do something touch to save the situation, it's definitely not what she wanted.

The book ended with a sad ending, no one important died though but still sad. I wouldn't know what to expect next. This second novel definitely kept my attention compared to the first one, that's because more of Saya's past was revealed but still more to come. More fighting and the bond between Saya and her brothers are definitely shaken at one point but the bond definitely get stronger after every obstacle. The storyline progresses very well in this book and the mystery is still kept alive,in regards to action wise there are plenty. Looking forward to the third book as I want to know more of Saya's past and the story continues whether she will beat Diva and defeat all of the Chiropterans.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Choose to be Happy

With the hustle and bustle lives we have in the city, it's no wonder we have many unhappy people. The current economy situation is definitely not helping and giving more troubles to us. Although I am not trouble by the economy I still have other problems that make me unhappy, other dissatisfaction that makes me sad. I have been quite unhappy with my career since January because I was rolled off from a project and have been sitting at the office doing nothing until April. When I have gotten a project it didn't suite my career path. I was always worrying and thinking whether to correct my career path instead of being sidetracked.

Last month was a really emotional month for me, I wake up dreading to work, only feeling happy when I get to go home and the cycle goes on the next day. I was really depressed and it brought upon my family and friend many troubles and I thank them for being around to help console me. So I came across this book, "Choose to be Happy" by Rima Rudner. I know it is time to stop being depressed and make a change for my life, I will choose to be happy and walk the path that I want.

I am really inspired and determined after reading the first few chapters, whatever that I feared to do I did it because it released me from worries. In the book, the writer puts her life experience, how she choose to be happy, giving examples of what could cause unhappiness. It is hard to accept certain things and to forgive people who have hurt you but you can make yourself happy, life is in the grasp of your hands. The books highlights things that cause depression and how to move your thoughts in achieving happiness. All is in the mind.

Many people think happiness comes from material things, money, success, power and many more, but it comes from within. I have often been influenced to think that way too but right now with all the money in the world, I can't be happy unless I'm doing something that I'm passionate about, something I love to do. My current job is not allowing me to do so, and yes we can learn to love it, I gave it my all but I can't proceed therefore I have decided to leave my current work for something I have more passion on. I'm still doing programming but with a different technology and language.

There are still many things I want to do but one step at a time. I know I am much happier now that I was before and I'm excited about the new experiences that I'm about to gain. I've learnt that only I myself can change my state and to move forward. No fears and worries shall concur my life.
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