Thursday, May 14, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

When I am sad I shop, when I am happy I shop. Oooh....look at those shoes, that jacket, wow that dress would look gorgeous on me. I pile up the stuff on my hand until it was full, I can't stop this sensation I feel! I'm not a shopaholic, OMG bills, more and more debts. Nevermind I still can swipe my card one more time, no biggie. That is Rebecca Bloomwood, the main character of this book written by Sophie Kinsella.

I watched the movie before I read the book. This book was famous before it was being made into a movie and all the while I've considered reading, buying it but didn't came across it. I don't know why but after the movie, I was curious on how the story in the book had been written so I've bought it. The book is definitely different from the movie, firstly the magazine she works for is successful savings in the start. She did not dream of working in a fashion magazine and many other details were different. The movie had more humour because the actress did a different portrait of Rebecca Bloomwood.

I like the book because it has a different setting, more characters and definitely more of Becky's personality. The things about books is character are slowly built and developed, where else in a movie you would have to cramp as much as you can within 1 and a half hour. I feel that the Becky in the book spends much much worse and lies even more. Other than that, she isn't that frank compared to the movie.

Overall, this story is something new out of a chic lit, not the usual type (triangle love, lonely, complicated relationships) talks more about real life situation and definitely funny.

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