Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Nearing the month of April/May, it's time for taxes. This year is the first year that I'll be taxed but my salary is below 2500 so in the end I don't need to pay anything. I got my EA form from the company and my dad say I should open a tax file and do my filling even though I need not pay. Two options to get my tax file opened:

First method, go to the tax offices and do it manually. It's located in several places as I've heard but I really don't want to go through the trouble of driving there, finding a parking space and looking for the office. Therefore I proceed to option 2. :P

Second method is to do it online and the website is I have to send in an application to open a tax file and get a pin number to do my filling online. The website is in Bahasa Malaysia and everything in the form is in malay. There were many options for how they should address you:

I wonder what will happen if I were to put Datin :p.

The funniest one was status:

I was wondering how the dead is able to send in an application , I know it can be done by family members but I didn't know the deceased still had to pay taxes >.<

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