Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Slowing down...

My work life has been slowing down so so much to the point where I'm practically useless in the company. I have been on the bench since January till today, all the while waiting for a new project being assigned to me. It's not like I'm picky choosing what projects I want, it's just that there are many more people sitting on the bench, I estimate more than 30. The office has been packed with people since I got back here. Things just keep getting worse I guess, two weeks ago there was a meeting with the HR and only selected people got the email as some of my colleagues were excluded.

That really made me worried, the email came on a Friday and the meeting was on the following Monday, imagine all the worrying on the weekends where you're suppose to rest and relax. Before the meeting started there have been rumours circulating here and there, some say those people were not good performers, some even thought of the words lay off. It really gave me the shivers. Finally the meeting came and it was addressing the current state of the company. Since there was too many people on the bench, the company's productivity went down, hence we're not doing so well. Those that were in the room are forced to clear their annual leaves till 0 days were left.

It sucks that I'm unlucky to be on the bench and having to clear 8 days of leave one shot. Even though I was on leave for the last two weeks, I was just slacking at home doing nothing, sigh :(. It's going to be my third month on the bench and I can't help but keep praying that I will have a new project soon.

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  1. Hey Liz, I couldn't agree more with you on the current economic slowdown, which causes everyone to more >


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