Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In times like this....

Well another week went pass and I still have no project, but it's not too bad because it gave me the chance to continue my learning. Since I have been back I've been doing some Java online training provided from the company, it certainly refreshed my memory of Java. When I ran out of Java I started reading e book on C# 2008 as my knowledge in this subject is kinda minimal. I managed to learn quite a bit, still I have more to learn and more practices to do. C# is similar to Java because of it being OO but in syntax wise, it's totally different, still it's not too hard to pick up. I am looking forward to chapters that will teach me new stuff like WPF, ASP.Net, windows app and many more.

All this crisis really got me thinking a lot, especially in the area of self improvement. The march advancement program promotes were out few days ago and I wasn't included of course. I know why and I have a good grasp which area I need to improve on. One of the feedback that was given to me is related to professionalism and maturity. I have to admit at times I definitely did not act mature enough and sometime I did not communicate professionally. Communication and social skills is definitely important these days, I've seen many people do well in college because of their social skills, doing well in work also. These skills can help you get what you want sometimes, like a better discount or better deals. This is what I lack of and it's what I need to work on.

Thus in my process of improving I have gotten two books to help on this area, "How to talk to Anyone" and also "How to win friends and influence people". I have only started reading the 1st chapter for one of the books, and it's interesting to read what the writer obtained from all his research and analysing. I think the hard part would be executing, some people are born with it and I would be those who need to cultivate it. A good thing that ties to communication is judging people and reading body language because with those you will know what is the proper thing to say. But I think a person who is good at it can convince anyone without judging too much.

This is definitely the time for me to grow in areas of personality that I'm weak of and to further improve my IT skills. Time is embark on a journey of obtaining more knowledge.

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