Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breaking Dawn

The final book of this vampire saga, "Breaking Dawn". This book is definitely the best out of the four books written. Excitement while reading is from the start till the end. While I was reading, I was captured into the book's world, whoever who tried to talk to me couldn't get my attention at all. So where we let off? At the end of the third book, it was about Jacob running away, he couldn't accept the fact that Bella is going to get married and he has to let go of her.

So the fourth book starts off where Jacob has been gone for awhile and he is still reluctant to go home. Bella's wedding day is happening soon and there is much to prepare, but one night before the wedding, Bella had a weird dream, it concern a baby and the Volturi. The wedding was fabulous and Jacob showed up to dance with her. That's really unexpected because Bella never thought that she'll see him again. After the wedding, their off to honeymoon, it was a special place at down South (Brazil), it was definitely a romantic getaway.

The result of the wedding is definitely exciting which I shall not disclose and then the book heads off to Jacob's side of the story. It has about 10 chapters or more giving us readers the story on Jacob's view, a good approach because it keeps us pondering a bit what happened to Bella. At the end of Jacob's side, he has finally imprinted on Bella's baby girl. Most of Jacob's story is about Bella's prenancy experience, how he reacted to it and how he helped.

Then we're back to Bella's story after she has given birth, it seems like she was dead at Jacob's point of view but if it were like that then we wouldn't have anything to read on. Bella's story begins where she is changed to a vampire because giving birth was killing her and that was the only way that Edward could save her. We venture into her life as a newborn vampire and her new life with her daughter Renesmee aka Nessie. At the end we have Bella discovering her new skills and also the danger the Cullens face and they've made it with the help of other vampires. We discover more vampires and their special abilities.

This book definitely was unexpected to me because I didn't know what was to come. It would be interesting if they really make movies out of this book because I want to know what would be excluded from the book. I'm currently waiting to watch the Twilight DVD, see what will my disappointment will be.

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