Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Moon

After finishing the 1st book in 3 days, I carry on with the second book, "New Moon".When you finished the 1st book and you read that Bella and Edward are together, you'll be thinking what more can I get from the second book? They already have a happy ending, what else is waiting for them?

Well do continue if you want some spoilers. So from where we left off, it was prom, so the book started on a new school year, they don't exactly mention much on dates, so you'll have to estimate it. It's time to celebrate Bella's birthday although she wasn't keen on it. Something happened at her celebration and this is where the story took a big turn. Edward and family have left and disappeared, it cause Bella tons of devastation and 4 months passed.

Then a new friendship begins, Jacob Black and Bella Swan. From Book 1, we know that Jacob adores Bella, most guys do and get rejected by her. So Bella and Jake hang out and became good friends, but Jake wanted more than that, but Bella only loves Edward. So the climax, a vampire from book 1 came back to hunt Bella, that's when a pack of wolves showed up. I won't say who they are but you can have a good guess. Bella figured it out, and she hung out with them while getting protection from the wolves. Vampire vs wolves, it has always been like that.

So what had happened to the Cullens? Just as I was thinking that the story is coming to a bore just on Bella and Jacob, someone came to visit. It was Alice, I won't say why. Alice and Bella rushes somewhere after Alice having a vision and so it goes on. A lot of excitement there, new characters entering the story. The Volturi enters and we get to read a bit on them.

If I were to compare this book with the first, I prefer the first book. But the climax for second book is much more exciting and unexpected compared to the first. Introducing more characters to the story definitely gave it more hype. Other than that, more mysteries are revealed, relationship developed. Stephenie Meyer did a great job with the second book, the excitement I get from reading reminds me when I was reading Harry Potter, the same feeling, wanting to know more and more, keep on reading.

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