Monday, January 5, 2009

Looking back and Looking Ahead

Well, it's been long since I've blogged. I wanted to at new year's eve or new year's day itself, but I got lazy :p. Anyway at the last day of 2008, I got to do a lot of thinking, looking back at all the 365 days not counting the eve. As I try to recall the memories, there were many that I've forgotten.

Things were tough before and during chinese new year, my grandfather was hospitalised and luckily got to go home to celebrate CNY but still he was having difficulties walking. My aunts from Paris and Belgium came back to visit my grandfather and we got to spend CNY in Malaysia for the first time after many years (probably I wasn't born yet). My dad's cousin brother from England also came back to celebrate, we got to play mahjong , it was quite fun but sadly my family didn't get to go back to Johore. I definitely missed spending CNY there.

After CNY is when I started my first full time job at Accenture Technology Solutions, my first project is in Shell Cyberjaya. It lasted till the end of the year. I had a lot of fun with my team members of the project. Performed in BUM, participated in DOTA competition, went cycling with the guys at BUM. The team also went to Malacca for two days. We ate and ate and ate so many food. I will put in some pictures from the trip. It was a lot of fun. I think we had 6-8 types of food eaten in one day.

I almost forgot my convocation was in august, it was okay but not worth the money paid for. I get to meet up my college mates that I haven't seen since a long time. Took a lot of pictures here and there but I don't it was with everyone though.

Well, now my project in Shell has ended and I'm back in KLCC office. Now it's just online trainings and reading on programming. I have to wait for myself to be scheduled into a new project. I hope the coming project will continue to make use for .NET cause I'm starting to like it a lot :P. 3 weeks more then it's chinese new year, time really flashes by. Hopefully this new year will bring new beginnings and better opportunities for me. I definitely don't have any resolutions because I'm afraid I might not succeed but I definitely have plans for this year and it all depends on timing.

Lastly, Happy New Year!! I hope to blog more, kinda lost the inspiration to but I will keep trying.

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