Sunday, September 28, 2008


Two rich girls, having big rooms, drivers, parties to go to. Shopping at any time they like and having no limit to their credit card. They think they own the world, they see themselves higher in society. Ditching school whenever you like, I wish I could be them too. Sadly, they have no one to supervise them as their grandmother is busy, and their parents died in an accident. The sisters have always stick together and do practically everything together. In comes tutor, hired by their grandmother to help their grades improve. Their grandmother wants them to enter a prestigious college, The Duke.

Based on the book "How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls" by Zoey Dean, it has been made into a series called Privileged by CWTV. Set in the beautiful beaches of Florida, with all those big mansions, our main character Megan Smith starts a new life, a path to help her pursue her dreams (to be a writer). Of course, that's just part of the story, her main job is to tutor two rich brats.

Throughout the series, sister relationships are highlighted, we see the relationship of Megan and her sister Lily and the rich brats, Sage and Rose Baker. It shows how strong sisters can be and how they could also drag you down someway. Other than that, Megan also have a fear in dating, she is afraid that whoever she dates will cheat on her, a phobia brought on by her sister who dated her 1st boyfriend. Not so nice a scene if you ask me, not easy to deal with either.

So far into three episodes we see three handsome guys appearing, we have Charlie (her best friend), Will (her neighbour, more like the Baker's neighbour) and Jacob (the headmaster of the school Rose and Sage goes to). The are quite good looking, different types of men in terms of looks and personality. I'm definitely rooting for Charlie because you can see this best friend of hers has always been there for her, don't know what he's waiting for anyway.

I love that this show that talks about pursuing your dream, which is quite like mine (to be a writer). It reminds me of not being too side tracked. A reminder to me that pursuing my dream is not easy but you shouldn't be afraid to chase after it. Often people who are afraid of failing avoid the things they like. In order to not be disappointed, we avoid, we run away from it. We should at least try before being afraid of the outcome. You'll never know, we have to let loose and try our best. Life has up and downs, we all know it, we can't always have ups only. It's the downs that makes you a stronger person as you rise up from the fall.

Laurel and Megan


Rose and Sage



Watch it!! I give it a 4/5 with great music, actors, fashion and also storyline.

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