Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall is here!!

Finally fall/autumn is here, actually it's already mid-autumn. Anyway what's so exciting? The new seasons of tv series are back again, not to forget the japanese animation will soon start their new titles for the season too.

On the 1st of September, some series have already started, Gossip Girl Season 2, One Tree Hill Season 6, 90210 the new one, Privileged which started last week. I like GG, One Tree Hill alot. These are still very good series to watch, Privileged is something new which I enjoyed too. 90210 on the other hand is kinda boring already at the start. Don't think I'll continue on with the series.

One thing that I truly can't wait is Heroes season 3. There will be a three hours preview on 22nd September, really can't wait. Everyone is wondering what more can this series bring to us. Next week itself we have many series back on air, Desperate Housewives (5 years later thingy), Ugly Betty (what's her decision), Survivor new seaon. These series always kept me busy in this season of the year. For me, summer is always filled with movies, fall with tv series. Yeah, I know I'm hooked up to all these tv shows and movies. It's really addictive for me.

Anyway, I've added a small thing on my blog, Quote of the week. I find that quotes gives me alot of inspiration and makes me think alot. It's able to at least help me point myself at the right direction. Hopefully I won't be lazy and will update the quote every week. Back to life and reality time :P

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