Sunday, August 17, 2008

BUM 2008

It was a very fun trip that I've gone to in a long time. The meeting time was 6:45am at A&W at PJ, buses left around 7:50am. It was a long ride to the hotel, reached there at pass 1pm. After registering, I went to my room and put down my stuff, changed into shorts and headed for lunch. After lunch was the opening ceremony, it was good, didn't take any pictures cause I was busy watching :P. The next thing was meetings according to break up of industries of the company, I didn't attend because I had to practise with my performance team on stage. After practise, I got to rest a bit and then went to register for the DOTA championship that I'm taking part with my project team members at 10pm. Then rush to get ready for performance, we had to put on body paint on our faces, my group performance is on Greek fashion show, it was one of a kind where we have 3 Gods, Apollo, Poseidon and Aphrodite. The "gods" performer has to have body paint on the whole face and hands, where else the "workers" halfed face. I'm the so called workers so I have half of my face painted in silver colour.

It was a great performance. After that, I ate and went to wash my face for the DOTA championship. It was a tiring game, three rounds to determine the finalist, and my team (The Illuminati) entered the finals. For the preliminary, we won 2 games and lost 1 to KNN, they were very good. 2 more games in the finals, and we won 1 and lost 1, took second place. BTW, there was only two girls playing, myself and another girl, both of us used Lina Inverse (Slayer). I had great team mates, they are the good players and I'm still noob, but I still did not too bad, didn't die too much, had a few kills, manage to solo one on one too and killed ppl. They come backstab me and I manage to kill them back. I definitely improved my game :P.

Well the second day was good, I've always loved buffet breakfast :P. After breakfast it was time for games, lots of it too. Everyone was broken down into teams of 10-15 I guess, but my team only had like 10 of us. It was really tiring, we had math games, torch relay, throwing/hitting all kinds of balls (tennis, football, golf,...) into hoops to score points, creating protections for eggs and tossing them, synchronised swmming. It was all in the morning till lunch time. After lunch, I went cycling with my project team members, just me and some of the guys, the others went to rest. It was really tiring cause I havent been cycling for a long time. The view and the breeze was definitely good but cycling back was killing me >.<. Night time was dinner time, it was okay, then there was dancing, and people were tossed into the sea. There was also lucky draw and prize giving. It was the last night and I was really tired, went to sleep at 2am. The next day came and it was time to leave. Overall it was a wonderful weekend and good to meet new people. Okay here are the pictures below:

You can view the pictures in full screen.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


There's quite a few of events that happenned since the last blog, didn't really keep track of time. Just gonna post a few pictures on it. 25th July my colleagues organized a Luau Party, hawaiin theme. So less story, more pictures, cause a picture is worth a thousand words.

So the next thing would be BUM, a company trip, there's gonna be like 300-400 people, I will be performing cause I'm a new joiner of the company. Will be leaving for Lumut this friday for the trip, 08.08.08, and yes it's on the 1st day of the olympics, won't be watching it on tv :(. Will update on BUM then.

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