Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life gone dull.......Just kidding!!

Walking in you find many walls high up, about 5 feet, it gives you the feeling of being in a maze. Make a wrong turn, you're in a dead end. Where is it?? Where is the pantry??? Want refill my bottle lar :P. So recently I have move into a new office, I was in Wisma 2 but now moved to Wisma 4 2nd floor where Nicholas used to work there. Used to be in a discussion room with 3 other colleagues of mine, now I have my own cubicle. It's kinda nice having my own space, making myself at home :P.

Anyway the cubicles are 5 feet high, seriously had the feeling of being in a maze when I first entered. I was kinda lost when walking back from the pantry, tot it was a walkway to my cubicle, ended in someone else's cubicle. HAHA. Feel like taking pictures but lazy bring camera.

What's new?? Well, got myself a Nintendo Wii to play. It's very fun, I play tennis every night, see I still got exercise :P. Mario Kart is extremely fun to play in multiplayer mode. Sadly, lately not much time to play cause have a lot of work to do. Two modules to handle, ugh so tiring. One down and I have one more to go. Hopefully the upper won't want to change design again >.<.

Upcoming events would be SWF development day on 11th July, looking forward to meeting new people and having a bit of fun for one day. The next event would be a big one, all Accenture staff in KL will be involved, BUM, business unit meeting. The place would be Lumut, Perak, 3Days2Nights stay. I'll be performing in this event because I'm a new joiner. Will try to take pictures and post it.

I will try to spend my weekends more fun beside shopping or just lying around on my bed :P, also playing Wii :p. Need to find a bit more spice in my life if not sure burn out quickly. Till the next time I blog, it shall be interesting :P

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