Monday, April 14, 2008

Idol gives back

I have been following American Idol season 7 since the beginning and was quite impress with the talent this year. Although there are some that I feel that they should have been gone soon but have still stayed on. Jason Castro and Kristy Lee Cook are the people I feel that should have been voted off instead of Ramielle and Amanda. This year the male singers are very good. Well back to my title, Idol gives back, it was a great thing that they have done.

I didn't know much about the sufferings of Africa until I watched this. It was saddening to know that 30 seconds a child dies of malaria in Africa, other than that, there are many children that have lost their parents to AIDS and need their grandparents to care for them. This is one hardship in life that I know you and I who are in our comfort zones might not have the strength to go through compared to those children.

What I want to urge to everyone is to do something, if you want to travel there and help them, do so with a plan. If you want to donate, find means to donate, donate as much as you can. All my friends who are working, I'm sure rm 100 or 200 is okay to donate out. Since we're working, losing a bit of spending money gives great help to those in africa. My plan is to sponsor a child from World Vision. In doing this, we helped a child, to give them hope and to give them a chance for education. So please take a look at the world vision link and I hope you will help out.

Another thing I would like to highlight would be the KL freeze@ Pavilion. For more info check out or I came across it on, take a look at it.

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