Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cupcake rocks!!

Lately I bumped into a blog where the writer shows her cupcake creations, it was wonderful and made me crave for it. In her blog she also mentioned another baker from the USA. She has also baked wonderful cupcake. The malaysian blog is : dolce~ and the US one is Bakerella. It is very interesting, you might learn a thing or two.

On saturday night after dinner at my grandma's place, my sister and I got bored, so We went to the Curve and Ikano Power Center. On our way back from Ikano to The curve, we saw a poster, a place called cupcake chic. Since it was just near us, we head towards it. They sell cupcakes there and we bought two. Nice package, great cupcakes. I only took two pictures:

cupcake packaging

Chocolate with vanila frosting (left) Green tea with green tea frosting

Looks nice leh?? Taste good also, you can find this shop at the Curve side that is facing Ikano Power Center and it's just one shop away from Gloria Jeans. I miss it already, will try other flavours when I go there again. :D

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