Saturday, March 22, 2008

Topics, topics...

I have always loved writing, of course it's not writing technical documents such as the ones we're required to do for our FYPs. I prefer writing on something that has much freedom. Lately, I've been thinking on improving my blog and adding in more topics. Firstly, I think I shall ask myself what would I like to read from blogs before I ask around. There are many things that can be written down. What I observed from other blogs, they cover traveling, technology, food, daily life, objects such as cars, bikes, toys and many others.

Therefore there are many things to write, but what I am good at? What do I have interest in? I think sharing on my knowledge and my opinion on the things I like are worth reading :p. Unless you disagree with me and have better topics for me. Given a title, I may be able to write it but depending on the information I have and inspiration for that title. Putting some thought to it, I think I shall start by writing my opinions/reviews on things that I have interest in or objects that I use. It may not be good but in time I hope to improve my diversity on different kind of topics. My advise to people who want to improve like myself is to read more on different things that interest you, pick out writers that inspire you and see the style they have in writing and discover your own as you discover other's.

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