Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Play a part in the community

Somehow with all the hustle and bustle of life I have forgotten something important to me, that is our mother earth, our environment and all living things. I was working on a website that focuses on these but it failed because of the lack of planning and doing it with less experience and help. People would go so what?? If you really cared, nothing can stop you. I gave up because of dissapointment in various areas.

So today I came across something that reminded me of it again. Therefore I have researched a little bit on information that can help us start playing a part in saving the environment that we might lose in the future. Firstly I would like to mention Live Earth, it focuses on climate crisis. There are many useful information on how we can reduce in consuming energy and reducing carbon footprint. Explore the site and learn more, you can also calculate your carbon footprint. What is carbon footprint? It is the amount of carbon you helped release into the environment.

One of the famous environmental organizations is WWF. They focus on saving wildlife such as the sea turtles,orang utans and tigers for Malaysia. We all can also take part by sms and donating rm 3 for saving the turtles. For more info on how to sms, visit the website. It is important that we all do something, even if it's a small thing. Influence the people around you and one small thing will accumulate to a big one. This weekend I shall try to compile a list of things we can do in Going Green.

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