Saturday, March 15, 2008


I'm here to introduce as the title says D.Gray-Man. As all my friends would know I am a big fan of japanese animation. I have started watching since I was young. My grandma used to borrow tapes that were in cantonese for me to watch. It was very enjoyable. Currently I am watching a few titles and there are more on my list which I have missed.

This animation originated from the manga itself and brought more life to the series. Many of us love to read manga and sometimes it takes our imagination to make the pictures move. But we need not do that because we have people who make animation out of it. So what's the story about?? At first glance you wouldn't know much, you would think this is a story bout a boy who can fight demons and he would save the world.

Along the story he met up with people in a society that are all like him and also supporting people like him. He made friends and the story goes on. What captured me was the mystery behind the characters, they developed slowly. Of course there are somethings that are typical, you fight and you win. There are also parts where people dies, must be more realistic lar. :P Other than all that, they have great openings and endings. What I like bout an anime like this one is the suspend they give the viewers, some episodes are funny, some are serious and with a lot of action that makes you want to watch one after another. For this anime, currently it is at the peak of the story again which makes things exciting again.

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