Sunday, February 17, 2008

2nd day of CNY

Today I got to woke up around 10:30 am and then my mummy says we'll be visiting a family friend. They are the people my parents used to hang out with when they were dating, sadly, the kids dun do that haha :P. After that we tarpau lunch and head to grandma's place.

Today my aunty went back to her mum's place in Cheras, so no kaki for mahjong :P. My sis and I decided to go out for movie, since cineleisure damansara so near. My sis drove and we got a parking quickly and head to the cinema floor. I thought it would be quiet in KL, but suprisingly there were many people there. We bought tickets to watch CJ7, it wasnt that good of a movie, not that funny at all. Kinda disappointed. After that we went to The Curve to take pictures and then head home and have dinner. After that we said goodbye to my aunty who lives in Belgium.

Below are some pictures taken for these two days:
Mummy giving ang pau to me
Daddy giving ang pau to sisFamily photo at the Brickfields temple
See all the ang pau's :P

Me playing mahjong

All those were pictures taken on the first day of CNY. Now is the second day one :P

The center of The Curve

My sis and I at the swing

Group picture with cousins

Family photo before aunty leave for Belgium

Of course there are many more photos, too many to upload.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! Xin Nian Kuai Le!! Those are in mandarin :P. I have been very busy this whole week, including last week so I haven't been able to update my blog. To update a bit on what have happened, last last saturday I went to Accenture Open Day by invitation and it was my first interview. Before my interview, we had a test (either java or c#) and followed by a IQ test. Then I had my interview and I was told that they will contact me within 2 weeks. The following tuesday, they contacted me and I had my phone interview. That night itself we had a surprise birthday party for Eu Gene, so before we went to his place, I went shopping in 1 Utama but nothing to buy.

On the same week thursday, accenture called me on wednesday and I had my final interview. Went shopping abit after a 30 mins interview with my sister in KLCC. She waited for me while I have my interview. I got the job!! Will be working for acccenture starting 11th Feb. My workings days are beginning and I didn't get to enjoy CNY much. Sadly, I have to work in cyberjaya too.

Oh well, not all things will go your way. CNY eve went to grandma's place for dinner, it was a long night and I didnt have enough sleep for the previous night. Today itself I had to wake up early, like 8 sumthing and get ready to go temple. After meeting with my grandma, uncle and family and my aunt (from belgium) at the temple, we did what we need to and then proceeded to grandma's place. Many relatives came to visit, it was a fun day because I learnt how to play mahjong, of course still not skillful lar. I don't know how to count money and all that cause we didn't play money but I do know how to arrange the tiles to win.

'Time to go sleep, tomorrow will be another long day spent at my grandma's place. I won't be going back Segamat Johore this year, this is because my aunts (dad's side) came back after many years for CNY. Ciao, will update more later!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The way to show biz

Artists in singing and acting all have one goal, that is to be famous. Many people want to be like them, therefore we have competitions such as American Idol, Malaysian Idol, One in a Million, Star Idol, and many more that showcase people's talent. There are people who make it without all those and they have done well. I have two person in mind, they are Colbie Caillat and Marie Digby.

Colbie made it big with posting her song on MySpace and Marie did it by singing an acoustic version of umbrella and posting it on Youtube. Now you can hear their songs on our local radio stations and they really have talent. What they have done that is smart is utilising technology. Posting on the internet is a great way to share your music, many people are able to access it. Because it is good, people start passing it around, and it reaches people who are interested in producing records for them.

For them to make it big, all they needed was to market their talent and the internet did it well for them. It is something they tried and it was worth the shot, now their beautiful voices can be heard. Below is the song Bubbly from Colbie:

The lyrics are good, she wrote this song herself (I think, that's what I heard :P)

Below is Marie Digby's version of Umbrella:

Hope you enjoy their music as much as I do
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