Thursday, January 3, 2008

A whole new year

Time really flies, thinking about what happened last year makes me miss it. Like everyone there was ups and downs but I can conclude that it was a better year than 2006. Whatever new year's resolution I had last year, I really can't remember whether I did achieved it. So this year I will blog out my list, which is a small one.
  • Try to eat more fruits and vegetable (I totally hate veggy :P)
  • Start exercising/work out
  • Use my brain more :P
  • Be more careful in performing tasks
  • Be less wasteful in spending money
Haha, those are the things that I call my flaws. Hopefully I can fix it. I haven't gotten a job yet because I'm waiting to obtain my cert from APIIT. It will be this month, I hope there won't be anymore delays. The reason I'm doing this is because I didn't do well for my FYP. I got 7, 6 , 7 for the module of FYP. Yeah, those are lousy results, if I showed my transcripts, it would affect my image towards the people who are hiring. Sigh, I'm really sad on my FYP but I can't run away with it. So after obtaining my cert, I'm going to apply for jobs and if they asked for my results I have no choice but to show it. I will try my best to impress them that I'm a hardworking person and results aren't everything :P.

So for the time being, I will learn more on C# and review back the programming languages that I've learn from college. All of it almost slipped my mind already, time to review and remember :P. Wish me luck!!

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