Sunday, January 6, 2008

P.S: I Love You

Saying I love you at the right time brings about a different feeling in the heart. It brings meaning into people's life too, it gives hope and knowing that you're being loved gives people the will to live on. P.S I Love You is a book I read written by Cecilia Ahern. It's a chic flit that I started to read after I got bored of fantasy books, you know the same old same old? Warriors, hunters , priests , a party grouped together to kill/destroy/eliminate the bad guy/evil demon/evil person. Sometimes it's hunting treasures, sometimes it's war.

This book that I read made me realised something that I haven't thought about. First the summary of the book. It's about this woman who married her childhood sweetheart and it was a happy marriage that did not last long , why? Because the husband discovered he had leukemia, of course in the end he died. The story doesn't end with him dying, after some time, the wife still misses him alot and always stayed at home, not wanting to live life without him, not wanting to be happy without him. Her birthday arrives and he sent her a cake along with a letter. Inside the letter, he told her that he has a plan for her and one letter will arrive every month.

The husband is so thoughtful to think of all these even when he was struggling with cancer. Every month the letters came and telling her to do somethings, things that made her happy and reminded her that he is always with her and that she can move on and be happy again. It also told her that doing all those things will not make her forget about him. The book ended with her being able to get on her feet again and continue to love him and live life. Ps: all letters end with ps: i love you.

After reading this book, I thought of things such as life comes and goes easily so we should live life fullest every second. Appreciate and show as much love as you can to be people around you. Even better if you can show love to people who need that love too. Sometimes I know I neglect the people I love and often disappoint them. I really hope that this year will be a better year and that I will learn from my mistakes and make them proud. The thing that I need the most this year is optimism which I always seem to lack of. Thinking negative for me is so easy and always worrying on things that are the least of my problems too. When I think negatively I affect the people around because it's so hard for them to encourage me when I shoot them back with negativity. I really thank you all that has put up with this from me. I will try to change and let's all hope for the best for the people we love.

Remember to say I love you with all your heart at every moment that counts in life!!

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