Saturday, August 25, 2007

Exams left

Well, only one week left in this study life of mine and then holiday :P. Anyway, to recap the last few months of my life in short. Rush FYP, rush CCSD assignment, CCSD presentation, FYP presentation. Well I was late at handing up my FYP assignment, close to late for CCSD assignment. Both presentations were ok, I tried my best to answer the questions.

It was scary for me when I had my FYP presentation because I did not know how Mr. Dhason would react or what else he would do. He too asked questions on my program, well I didnt manage to do normalization but i manage to explain the logic i have. Well, I dont think I will get a first class for this project. It all comes down to my own fault for not managing my time well. It's all over now!! On to exams, then off to holiday :P
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