Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pursuit of happyness

In life all humans seek all sorts in their life, those are success, glory, happiness, fortune, attention and all that you can name. The common thing that people all pursuit is happiness. So what is being happy?? My guess is living a life where you are contented which each outcome from every decision you have made. Living a life the way you like it, being satisfied with what you have.

Having happiness in you life is certainly wonderful but then comes obstacles that try to destroy that happiness. People who are jealous of what you have would want to let you feel how they feel being sad, lonely or all sorts that they feel. If they are jealous and want to plot to destroy your happiness I can't seem to understand why they can't use that energy to do something better than to be jealous. They should try to use that energy to pursuit happiness just like everyone else. Being jealous doesn't change your situation.

What to do when such obstacles appear in life?? I really hope I can answer that question myself.
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