Thursday, April 19, 2007

The reaping and me

I've watched the Reaping with sue, her bf, her bf's friend alex and also nak. It was not as scary as I thought but still I scared myself more than the movie, I could predict where the scary part is but still close my eyes and ears, LOL. Anyway nak was sitting next to me and sue was laughing at me next to him, he laughed too. One part I was so scared I hit his hand :P.

Anyway it was quite fun, bumped in Chang Lun too, he was walking around alone, asked him to join us for tea but he refused, more like he didnt answer me, kinda sad coz it's like he's avoiding us. Havent seen him online lately though, wonder what's up.

Yesterday my friend came over to watch LOTR extended with me, before that showed him my childhood videos, I was such a noisy person ( high pitched voice), loved to talk as usual :P. That's the Li Zan everyone knows, talk talk talk. Joke joke joke too, anyway if I do say something wrong, please let me know, as friends we must help each other to learn and pointing out mistakes of someone else's is also helping out. People can be quite blind to some mistakes that they do and not realise it. If you do not help your friend who else would help leh?

Other than that, life is just the same, with a bit of twist here and there. Ups and downs that come and go in life is usual, that's why its called life :D

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