Thursday, April 19, 2007

The reaping and me

I've watched the Reaping with sue, her bf, her bf's friend alex and also nak. It was not as scary as I thought but still I scared myself more than the movie, I could predict where the scary part is but still close my eyes and ears, LOL. Anyway nak was sitting next to me and sue was laughing at me next to him, he laughed too. One part I was so scared I hit his hand :P.

Anyway it was quite fun, bumped in Chang Lun too, he was walking around alone, asked him to join us for tea but he refused, more like he didnt answer me, kinda sad coz it's like he's avoiding us. Havent seen him online lately though, wonder what's up.

Yesterday my friend came over to watch LOTR extended with me, before that showed him my childhood videos, I was such a noisy person ( high pitched voice), loved to talk as usual :P. That's the Li Zan everyone knows, talk talk talk. Joke joke joke too, anyway if I do say something wrong, please let me know, as friends we must help each other to learn and pointing out mistakes of someone else's is also helping out. People can be quite blind to some mistakes that they do and not realise it. If you do not help your friend who else would help leh?

Other than that, life is just the same, with a bit of twist here and there. Ups and downs that come and go in life is usual, that's why its called life :D

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My 40th post :P

Cant seem to come up with titles that are suitable :P. Anyway according to the title, yes this is my 40th post, seems little or a lot?? I think it's little seeing that I blogged since long time. Finally the exams are over and I dare say I did rush for the studying part for the exams :P.

So the holidays is here meaning I'm closer to FYP submission :( need to start on my research already. I need to get that engine going and start moving. Well this weekend there was the PC fair held in KLCC and I went today with someone (wont tell who), it was packed as usual. Yesterday I went on a trip to Genting Highlands with my close friend and his family too. It was cooling up there and I enjoyed it very much. I hope my trip with my friends will work out :D

The plan for the holidaya is to relax and yet get some work done, and hopefully I'm able to read some books too. Haven't read much lately so time to catch up on my reading, maybe I should read Harry Potter 5th book so that I remember what happen to review the movie :P, what parts are missing again and parts that are important :P.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Rush hours

We as humans tend to rush when it's the last minutes, some do not rush and will be able to maintain calmness and also looking cool while doing it. I have been rushing about half the years of my life till now. Rush assignment, rush to grandma's place, rush here and there. Lol

I wonder what people will think if they look at me like I was in a series. Rush Hours of Li Zan - Acted, Produced, Edited and Directed by herself, must be boring. While reviewing those rush, I stand at a side and look at myself like I was in the TV, I think what's all this rushing for??? Have I miss the wonderful things in life by rushing by? You're right if your answer is yes.

By slowing down a bit you'll find that you see things in a different perspective, live life differently even for a brief moment, happiness rushes to you. It is then up to you to grasp and hold it dear with you till the end of time. When you have it treasure it with all your heart, don't lose sight of it. Of course it's not easy to gain happiness but we must persevere and keep pursuing. Even the small things in life can brighten up your darkness days.

Lately, I've come to notice something special which captures my heart dearly, which brings smiles to my heart and my face too :P. I will hold it close with me, mold it and store it with me always. As time goes by, I truly believe this thing will keep the fire in me burning, lighting my days, putting tears of both joy and sadness in my eyes yet still loving it forever.
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