Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Hahahaha, lame title I know, just couldnt think of what to put there since life has been nothing more but assignments. So to update a bit on what happened on CNY, spend whole day, night not included in Grandma's place, I was up for 24hrs, ok I was near to it :P, about 10 mins away from that 24 I took a nap :P. But anyway, what I did for that sleepless night was fun, I watched tv like I have never seen it before, my house dun have astro leh, hahahah

I watched many interesting CNY programs and i chit chatted for a long time. So on CNY nite , my family and i took a train back to Johore reach there by 2.30 a.m. and once i reached my aunty's place I went online with my lappie, the next day we went back to a kampung where my mum was born, my aunty lives in a town around 45mins away from that place.

Like every year all my cousins gather together, but since my mum is the youngest, all my cousins were already in their late 20s or mid 30s. There is one cousin who was already in their 40s, but the good thing is they are all married, hahahahah more ang pau for me :P I have only 2 cousins which are near to my age when i go back johore and one of them were sick. Anyway, my cousin Eddy is a fun person :D brought me for a breeze ride with another cousin's bike.

Other than that, this CNY got interesting coz it seems another cousin of mine knows a singaporean actor that my sis and i recently saw from a hong kong drama. Look below for the guy. I just have too much to write coz i have been gone for a month :P
My dad's side family

My cousin Eddy and my sis

Just a few pictures, didnt take much this CNY

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