Friday, March 23, 2007

Mid-point >>>>>> Full point

Mid point, the middle of everything??? Nah not for me , hahhaha
Full point?? I guess we'll be heading there :P

Two more weeks to exams!!! Two more weeks to study!!! and Three more weeks to holiday!!!!! This holiday will never be the same, my last holiday as a college students, the next one would be one to look for a job, and the next one would be public holidays or paid-leaves. Sigh!!! Time really flies and here I am looking back at yesterday loving the days of student life but dreading the assignment rush dates and studying for exam. So college days still have its good and bad days.

So here's the plan, study for exams, research for FYP, go Genting for holiday, go out for movies, hmm....what else???? Guess it isn't an interesting holiday, hahahahah :P Will definitely miss my friends in college, I prefer to go college than stay at home cause I get to chat and have fun :P PLUS after college days, how often will all of us get to gather and chat like this?? :(

College life vs Working life??? Will find out in 5-6 months

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