Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rest and Relax

Muahahahahha!!! After 2 weeks, I finally am done with my project management assignment, i can conclude that project management is so so tough. But this assignment taught me a lot :D. So wassup now? Rest lor, you can see from my title man, so obvious!!! Haha I'm not really resting lar, gonna pick up Haskell but I think it's a bit too late, better late then never right?

Today is Chinese New Year eve, dinner at grandma's, staying overnight, gonna be a long long day.......................... and I really mean it when I say long. It's super bored, gonna bring my laptop and hopefully my uncle's internet is working, it goes on and off like 1 minute once. I'll be at my grandma's place for the whole CNY day, then at evening time I'll be back home, sweet sweet home but then 10pm I'm catching train back to Johore........again long long trip, not gonna sleep on the train, I'm so gonna kacau my friends with my sms, hahahaha, who wanna be my victim?

CNY haven't come and I already know what will happen, LOL. Just plans lar, hoping to play firecrackers this year, like every other year I do it with my cousins which reduced to cousin now, 1 cousin only stick with my sis and I.

Lately, I'm kinda troubled, keep thinking of something which I don't quite realise what is it either. Well I think I'll just stop thinking bout it and keep going, somethings must be put aside in order for the rest to move, when the right time comes I shall look into it again. I have to many things to handle to give it too much attention. Studies 1st!!! FYP argh!!! VIVA coming, ahhhhhhh!!!!

I think this is what went for my last two weeks :D. Will take plenty of pictures for CNY and hopefully I can post them :P. I only post nice pictures of myself :P
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