Monday, January 15, 2007

This is the story of a girl.....

I just love this song, I bet many of you have heard it before. But I'm gonna write bout my story, not about another girl :P. So updates in my story, writing PSF (project specification form) is not easy, so much thought is put into it because it is a promise of what our project will be. Planning everything within one week before it is due, but we were suppose to research bout our project since PPF which is the proposal.

So this girl name Lizzie(me of coz) took her sweet time to consider what to do and never bothered to research and for the pass weekend everything came and hit her in the face that she has to start her engine. Thank God was still watching her and bless her with friends who help. Of coz, thank you for the friends who help and God bless them all. But still she took her time but with a clear idea of what to do now. It's funny talking about yourself in a third person view.

I learnt something valuable in church on sunday. If we lose the passion for God, we will be bored and we will do something stupid. This is very true because passion drives us to do and it makes us doing it with love. We need not only passion in God, we all need passion in doing our daily task, studying, working and many more. How to do these things in passion? There is only one way, which is to do all those for God, therefore the passion is still for God. It will be strongest drive and motivation in life for Christians.

Last time, I usually do things for the sake of myself, everything was about me. But now I'm doing it for God and I'm glad because pleasing Him is so much better than pleasing ourselves because us humans are not quite satisfied with everything in life but God is happy that we are doing all the good things in life for Him. Therefore we will get satisfactory and happiness from all those that we dedicate to Him. While busying my life with my studies, I will think of God all the time and never fall back from Him because I'm living my life for Him. To serve a higher purpose really brings great joy. Other than that, knowing that we are doing everything for Him, He will also give a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on and a comforting hug.

As you can see, the story of this girl is getting better, but there will always be ups and downs and He will be there to carry her through

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