Monday, January 1, 2007

A new year!!!

A new year a new start!! This coming year will be exciting since it's the official start of FYP. From now till august , everyone in TP0611 will be "having fun" writing our PSF, doing research, interviewing people, designing, programming and testing. Lastly would be our presentation to convince our supervisor and advisor why deserve 1st class. It's definitely a challenge for everyone.The art of presentation is important at this stage, saying something wrong will give wrong impression to the lecturers.

So from xmas till new year's eve was great fun for me! Quite a bit to write about. On xmas eve, I had dinner with grandma, then went to the curve coz my dad have a drinking session with his pals. Stuck there with my sis :(. But we get to see the crazy crowd spraying foam at each other from far. On xmas day, my sis and i went to church to watch adorable kids perform. It is the birthday of Jesus so we thank the Lord for His precious son. At night, my family went to star hill for dinner and we took a lot of pictures.Will post the pictures when malaysia's connection to international links are fixed.

So new year's eve was something new for me. Went to church and it was great, saw wonderful performances by different ministries. I was glad to be there because it reminded me why i am here and what happened last year was tough but i had divine help from my Father. Without Him i dont know how i could have gotten through it. So i put my year 2007 in His hands with strong faith that it will be a good year :D.

Cant wait to get back to college to really start my FYP :P. Looking forward to getting a useful laptop too :P. I hope this year msia's market will be better and improving all the time :D. I think one last thing that we all hope for is a change in the perception of certain ppl's. We all know who and we can pray and work hard on it. Never give up my friends, tis is a beautiful country afterall.

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