Monday, December 10, 2007

PC fair and me

Pikom PC fair was just the previous weekend since now is monday already. I went on saturday and of course everywhere is packed. Thinking of eating at the foodcourt but seeing there were already so many people walking around, I doubt that I could find a seat to have lunch with my cousin brother. Therefore, I decided to eat that Dome. This is my first time having a meal there and I didn't know what was good at all. My cousin brother nasi lemak with a choice of either beef rendang or chicken, he chose beef. I order cajun chicken sandwich. When the nasi lemak arrived it looked good, mine was okay. I took a taste of the sambal and it was better than I expected. After lunch, we went to the convention for the fair.

My target was to find a new keyboard and a Logitech mouse. It was hard to make a decision since I aiming for a high end items. In the end, I couldn't decide and went home. After some thought, I decide to buy the Razer Lycosa, so I went to PC fair again with my sister in the afternoon earlier. Bought my keyboard and I was very happy indeed. Cant wait to install and use it :P. My sis on the other hand bought a mouse coz hers is spoilt, after being with us for more than 4 years. She also bought a keyboard for her laptop coz it's easier for her to play O2jam.

It was packed on the way home, but it didn't affect our moods coz we got what we wanted :D.The outlook of the box .How it looks inside.

That's where the CD and guides for the drivers are.
The keyboard without the backlight on.
The keyboard with backlight on.

What a beautiful keyboard :P. The keys are soft and sturdy to use and on the right corner the media keys are touch-based. All the keys are programmable for macro use. Price wise I think it's worth it :D.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How it's been

One month I didnt update liaoz =P. Was a bit lazy and nothing much happened so didnt bother to update. Did a lot of things for the past month, my birthday was ok, had to work half day, checking reports. After that, went home to shower and change to have a nice dinner at The Gardens Midvalley with bf. We had japanese food at Yuzu. The restaurant has a nice design, the service was good, of course the meals are pricey a bit, around rm 25-40 for set meals. The sushis are the costly meals, especially the sashimi. The food was good and everyone was happy :D.

Around mid november, went to Cameron Highlands for a holiday. The journey there was long, on the way uphill it was all turns here and there. It was so cooling up there, at night I went to the pasar malam they had. There were so many stalls selling strawberry related items such as slippers, keychains, toys and etc. There were so many of it that you'll never see in a regular pasar malam in KL. What I did beside walking around was buying food for supper later at night in the hotel, bought corn and fried mushrooms. The corn they sell is no regular corn, it tastes so sweet, it was half yellow and white and the locals call it jagung mutiara.

That's the most interesting things I did for november, other than that would be my usual task. Lately I had nothing much to do so I decided to learn C# and it was interesting. I hope I can pick it up fast and add another skill for me :D.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


It's been long since I've blogged, the reason behind it is sometimes I don't know what to blog about. People blog bout their daily lives, is mine interesting enough? Blogging daily live is sort of writing in an online diary excluding private details. People blog what they want, but how much of it is true? Who cares right?? As long as we readers enjoy reading, that's good enough to capture attention.

Blogging also challenges the writers to be creative and to come out with something new once in a while. Who wants to read the same old thing over and over again. "Today I woke up at blah blah blah blah." *Yawn* The only people who will read are those who have nothing better to do or are interested in your daily life. I'll admit that when I have nothing better to do, I'll start reading blogs, even people who I do not know.

Lately, my friends who used to be active in blogging has decrease, therefore I became blur to what happen to the daily life of my friend in UK. He used to blog constantly, I guess the daily life there is too hectic to spend time to write. Even I myself have totally slack on my side, updating my last year in APIIT. Well here I am sitting here thinking of what to blog.

So an update to my life, still haven't start to look for a job. Been sitting at home, reading, watching animes on the comp and TV, sleep a lot :P, I did do some part time job :D. Still waiting for my FYP results, after it's released I'll start looking for a job. Somehow I don't feel like moving ahead because I know I'm not ready. I'm not ready mentally, working in the real world is a big change for me. I just have to adjust according to the changes. Other than that, my birthday is coming soon, might celebrate it I hope :D. Guess that's all for now, hopefully I'm inspired to write more and improve in my writing.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Exams left

Well, only one week left in this study life of mine and then holiday :P. Anyway, to recap the last few months of my life in short. Rush FYP, rush CCSD assignment, CCSD presentation, FYP presentation. Well I was late at handing up my FYP assignment, close to late for CCSD assignment. Both presentations were ok, I tried my best to answer the questions.

It was scary for me when I had my FYP presentation because I did not know how Mr. Dhason would react or what else he would do. He too asked questions on my program, well I didnt manage to do normalization but i manage to explain the logic i have. Well, I dont think I will get a first class for this project. It all comes down to my own fault for not managing my time well. It's all over now!! On to exams, then off to holiday :P

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pursuit of happyness

In life all humans seek all sorts in their life, those are success, glory, happiness, fortune, attention and all that you can name. The common thing that people all pursuit is happiness. So what is being happy?? My guess is living a life where you are contented which each outcome from every decision you have made. Living a life the way you like it, being satisfied with what you have.

Having happiness in you life is certainly wonderful but then comes obstacles that try to destroy that happiness. People who are jealous of what you have would want to let you feel how they feel being sad, lonely or all sorts that they feel. If they are jealous and want to plot to destroy your happiness I can't seem to understand why they can't use that energy to do something better than to be jealous. They should try to use that energy to pursuit happiness just like everyone else. Being jealous doesn't change your situation.

What to do when such obstacles appear in life?? I really hope I can answer that question myself.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kinda busy??

Well, I've just entered my last semester of my degree program and I think there isn't much time left to enjoy the study days of my life :P. So what am I busy with? I somehow don't know what I am doing still. I really need the motivation to start on my FYP.

Firstly, I have no idea what to research on because the documentation of the FYP is crucial and important. I do know what the output of my application will be, what input I will take in and in what way I am going to do the program. But the hard part is justifying why this language, why this method, what I am going to use but documenting all these are tough.

I really need a head start, a kick start to start my work. What's better is a bit of guidance so at least I know what I should do because i have been lazy to ask my supervisor. Guess it's time to not be lazy, still there are many things in my life that I have to do, not just only FYP so it all comes to time management

I really hope from tmr onwards I might be able to start on my research, analysis and design quickly and start my programming if not I'll just dig my own grave and fail my FYP. Rushing to finish my work again, hahahah :P

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The reaping and me

I've watched the Reaping with sue, her bf, her bf's friend alex and also nak. It was not as scary as I thought but still I scared myself more than the movie, I could predict where the scary part is but still close my eyes and ears, LOL. Anyway nak was sitting next to me and sue was laughing at me next to him, he laughed too. One part I was so scared I hit his hand :P.

Anyway it was quite fun, bumped in Chang Lun too, he was walking around alone, asked him to join us for tea but he refused, more like he didnt answer me, kinda sad coz it's like he's avoiding us. Havent seen him online lately though, wonder what's up.

Yesterday my friend came over to watch LOTR extended with me, before that showed him my childhood videos, I was such a noisy person ( high pitched voice), loved to talk as usual :P. That's the Li Zan everyone knows, talk talk talk. Joke joke joke too, anyway if I do say something wrong, please let me know, as friends we must help each other to learn and pointing out mistakes of someone else's is also helping out. People can be quite blind to some mistakes that they do and not realise it. If you do not help your friend who else would help leh?

Other than that, life is just the same, with a bit of twist here and there. Ups and downs that come and go in life is usual, that's why its called life :D

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My 40th post :P

Cant seem to come up with titles that are suitable :P. Anyway according to the title, yes this is my 40th post, seems little or a lot?? I think it's little seeing that I blogged since long time. Finally the exams are over and I dare say I did rush for the studying part for the exams :P.

So the holidays is here meaning I'm closer to FYP submission :( need to start on my research already. I need to get that engine going and start moving. Well this weekend there was the PC fair held in KLCC and I went today with someone (wont tell who), it was packed as usual. Yesterday I went on a trip to Genting Highlands with my close friend and his family too. It was cooling up there and I enjoyed it very much. I hope my trip with my friends will work out :D

The plan for the holidaya is to relax and yet get some work done, and hopefully I'm able to read some books too. Haven't read much lately so time to catch up on my reading, maybe I should read Harry Potter 5th book so that I remember what happen to review the movie :P, what parts are missing again and parts that are important :P.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Rush hours

We as humans tend to rush when it's the last minutes, some do not rush and will be able to maintain calmness and also looking cool while doing it. I have been rushing about half the years of my life till now. Rush assignment, rush to grandma's place, rush here and there. Lol

I wonder what people will think if they look at me like I was in a series. Rush Hours of Li Zan - Acted, Produced, Edited and Directed by herself, must be boring. While reviewing those rush, I stand at a side and look at myself like I was in the TV, I think what's all this rushing for??? Have I miss the wonderful things in life by rushing by? You're right if your answer is yes.

By slowing down a bit you'll find that you see things in a different perspective, live life differently even for a brief moment, happiness rushes to you. It is then up to you to grasp and hold it dear with you till the end of time. When you have it treasure it with all your heart, don't lose sight of it. Of course it's not easy to gain happiness but we must persevere and keep pursuing. Even the small things in life can brighten up your darkness days.

Lately, I've come to notice something special which captures my heart dearly, which brings smiles to my heart and my face too :P. I will hold it close with me, mold it and store it with me always. As time goes by, I truly believe this thing will keep the fire in me burning, lighting my days, putting tears of both joy and sadness in my eyes yet still loving it forever.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Mid-point >>>>>> Full point

Mid point, the middle of everything??? Nah not for me , hahhaha
Full point?? I guess we'll be heading there :P

Two more weeks to exams!!! Two more weeks to study!!! and Three more weeks to holiday!!!!! This holiday will never be the same, my last holiday as a college students, the next one would be one to look for a job, and the next one would be public holidays or paid-leaves. Sigh!!! Time really flies and here I am looking back at yesterday loving the days of student life but dreading the assignment rush dates and studying for exam. So college days still have its good and bad days.

So here's the plan, study for exams, research for FYP, go Genting for holiday, go out for movies, hmm....what else???? Guess it isn't an interesting holiday, hahahahah :P Will definitely miss my friends in college, I prefer to go college than stay at home cause I get to chat and have fun :P PLUS after college days, how often will all of us get to gather and chat like this?? :(

College life vs Working life??? Will find out in 5-6 months

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Hahahaha, lame title I know, just couldnt think of what to put there since life has been nothing more but assignments. So to update a bit on what happened on CNY, spend whole day, night not included in Grandma's place, I was up for 24hrs, ok I was near to it :P, about 10 mins away from that 24 I took a nap :P. But anyway, what I did for that sleepless night was fun, I watched tv like I have never seen it before, my house dun have astro leh, hahahah

I watched many interesting CNY programs and i chit chatted for a long time. So on CNY nite , my family and i took a train back to Johore reach there by 2.30 a.m. and once i reached my aunty's place I went online with my lappie, the next day we went back to a kampung where my mum was born, my aunty lives in a town around 45mins away from that place.

Like every year all my cousins gather together, but since my mum is the youngest, all my cousins were already in their late 20s or mid 30s. There is one cousin who was already in their 40s, but the good thing is they are all married, hahahahah more ang pau for me :P I have only 2 cousins which are near to my age when i go back johore and one of them were sick. Anyway, my cousin Eddy is a fun person :D brought me for a breeze ride with another cousin's bike.

Other than that, this CNY got interesting coz it seems another cousin of mine knows a singaporean actor that my sis and i recently saw from a hong kong drama. Look below for the guy. I just have too much to write coz i have been gone for a month :P
My dad's side family

My cousin Eddy and my sis

Just a few pictures, didnt take much this CNY

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rest and Relax

Muahahahahha!!! After 2 weeks, I finally am done with my project management assignment, i can conclude that project management is so so tough. But this assignment taught me a lot :D. So wassup now? Rest lor, you can see from my title man, so obvious!!! Haha I'm not really resting lar, gonna pick up Haskell but I think it's a bit too late, better late then never right?

Today is Chinese New Year eve, dinner at grandma's, staying overnight, gonna be a long long day.......................... and I really mean it when I say long. It's super bored, gonna bring my laptop and hopefully my uncle's internet is working, it goes on and off like 1 minute once. I'll be at my grandma's place for the whole CNY day, then at evening time I'll be back home, sweet sweet home but then 10pm I'm catching train back to Johore........again long long trip, not gonna sleep on the train, I'm so gonna kacau my friends with my sms, hahahaha, who wanna be my victim?

CNY haven't come and I already know what will happen, LOL. Just plans lar, hoping to play firecrackers this year, like every other year I do it with my cousins which reduced to cousin now, 1 cousin only stick with my sis and I.

Lately, I'm kinda troubled, keep thinking of something which I don't quite realise what is it either. Well I think I'll just stop thinking bout it and keep going, somethings must be put aside in order for the rest to move, when the right time comes I shall look into it again. I have to many things to handle to give it too much attention. Studies 1st!!! FYP argh!!! VIVA coming, ahhhhhhh!!!!

I think this is what went for my last two weeks :D. Will take plenty of pictures for CNY and hopefully I can post them :P. I only post nice pictures of myself :P

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Quote of the week:
There is a purpose behind every problem
Life as always is unpredictable, so many things can happen in a short matter of time. Problems arising are the most unpredictable, that's why projects have risk analysis :P. I'm not having problems but I used to have it and that quote meant a lot for me. Whatever comes, there is a reason. We should always learn from all of it, no matter what happens, we shouldn't feel discouraged in life.

Another quote :
There is always a way out.

By knowing the purpose we can easily find the way out. Both quotes related closely. I learn so much life's lesson from the Bible, from devotional books, from self-help books. I used to be very negative and I'm glad I worked through it. Whatever problem I had encounter, I found the purpose through time and through time I walk my way out with help :D.

A song that inspires : If you believe by Rachel Lampa

I close my eyes,
And even when I'm sleeping
I'm alright,
'Cause You are in my life.

Once upon a time,
I only imagined this
And now You're mine.
Wished for you so hard.
Prayed that You'd find me;
Baby you're here today,
Here to remind me:

If you believe that dreams come true,
There's One that's waiting there for you.
'Cause I believed when I saw You
That when you want something enough,
That it can't escape Your love.
There is nothing in the world that cannot be...
If you believe, oh oh...

Everybody said
That I was a fool to think
That we could be; (Everybody said that...)
That I couldn't get my heart out of my head
But they just didn't see;
No, they just could not have
The feeling that You give,
The places that You go...

If you believe that dreams come true,
There's One that's waiting there for you.
'Cause I believed when I saw You
That when you want something enough,
That it can't escape Your love.
There is nothing in the world that cannot be...
If you believe.

Never wished for material things;
Never needed wind in my wings.
I never wished for anything but You...oh!
I can't explain it,
Someone just told me,
"Go where your heart is,
You'll never be lonely."

If you believe that dreams come true,
There's One that's waiting there for you.
'Cause I believed when I saw You
That (when you believe) when You want Someone enough,
Then they can't escape Your love.
There is nothing in the world that cannot be,
If you believe.
Believe, believe, believe, ooh...

Never stop believing!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Time flies....flood rushes....friend flying away

I love to blog every monday if not then when I am inspired. This day is the start of the week for almost everyone around the globe. Some people dread it, some people are happy bout it. I for one am a person who loves the start and end of everyday so Monday is just a day where college starts for me.

But blogging on a Monday is a good thing to do. For one, you can reflect what you have done last week and make it better this week. Looking at my planner I found out the important thing that I've done last week was only my PSF submission. So this week I told myself to start on all my assignments, even if it's a little.

Reflecting is always good, no matter what you reflect on, it helps you make changes because you'll find out something good and bad out of reflecting. Reflecting on God's word is important because it helps us think, are we applying it in our lives, how can we apply it. It helps us live our lives more Christlike. An important thing that I've learnt and reflected upon it all the time : How to get people to like you.One important Christlike characteristic can help to make people like you is to love everyone around you. Learn to accept, don't judge and love everyone. Of course there are times when some people just don't like you, it's okay but you yourself must not hate anyone, dislike anyone but love everyone and gradually show your love.

Time really flies, but not for those flood victims, time must have slowed down on them, with all that water around, it must be hard. All I can do is to donate money and pray for them. When we can actually do more but we have no time. It seems what they need most after floods is money, to restore the things that is lost.

Another thing that made me realise time flies is the fact that another friend of mine , Chee Siang is going off soon to Queensland. 12th of Feb, even though it seems far now, but I know in a blink of an eye, it will pass like flashes of cars on the highway. In the end the lesson that I always learn is time management, which I cannot master because it is influence by my laziness :P.

Monday, January 15, 2007

This is the story of a girl.....

I just love this song, I bet many of you have heard it before. But I'm gonna write bout my story, not about another girl :P. So updates in my story, writing PSF (project specification form) is not easy, so much thought is put into it because it is a promise of what our project will be. Planning everything within one week before it is due, but we were suppose to research bout our project since PPF which is the proposal.

So this girl name Lizzie(me of coz) took her sweet time to consider what to do and never bothered to research and for the pass weekend everything came and hit her in the face that she has to start her engine. Thank God was still watching her and bless her with friends who help. Of coz, thank you for the friends who help and God bless them all. But still she took her time but with a clear idea of what to do now. It's funny talking about yourself in a third person view.

I learnt something valuable in church on sunday. If we lose the passion for God, we will be bored and we will do something stupid. This is very true because passion drives us to do and it makes us doing it with love. We need not only passion in God, we all need passion in doing our daily task, studying, working and many more. How to do these things in passion? There is only one way, which is to do all those for God, therefore the passion is still for God. It will be strongest drive and motivation in life for Christians.

Last time, I usually do things for the sake of myself, everything was about me. But now I'm doing it for God and I'm glad because pleasing Him is so much better than pleasing ourselves because us humans are not quite satisfied with everything in life but God is happy that we are doing all the good things in life for Him. Therefore we will get satisfactory and happiness from all those that we dedicate to Him. While busying my life with my studies, I will think of God all the time and never fall back from Him because I'm living my life for Him. To serve a higher purpose really brings great joy. Other than that, knowing that we are doing everything for Him, He will also give a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on and a comforting hug.

As you can see, the story of this girl is getting better, but there will always be ups and downs and He will be there to carry her through

Monday, January 1, 2007

A new year!!!

A new year a new start!! This coming year will be exciting since it's the official start of FYP. From now till august , everyone in TP0611 will be "having fun" writing our PSF, doing research, interviewing people, designing, programming and testing. Lastly would be our presentation to convince our supervisor and advisor why deserve 1st class. It's definitely a challenge for everyone.The art of presentation is important at this stage, saying something wrong will give wrong impression to the lecturers.

So from xmas till new year's eve was great fun for me! Quite a bit to write about. On xmas eve, I had dinner with grandma, then went to the curve coz my dad have a drinking session with his pals. Stuck there with my sis :(. But we get to see the crazy crowd spraying foam at each other from far. On xmas day, my sis and i went to church to watch adorable kids perform. It is the birthday of Jesus so we thank the Lord for His precious son. At night, my family went to star hill for dinner and we took a lot of pictures.Will post the pictures when malaysia's connection to international links are fixed.

So new year's eve was something new for me. Went to church and it was great, saw wonderful performances by different ministries. I was glad to be there because it reminded me why i am here and what happened last year was tough but i had divine help from my Father. Without Him i dont know how i could have gotten through it. So i put my year 2007 in His hands with strong faith that it will be a good year :D.

Cant wait to get back to college to really start my FYP :P. Looking forward to getting a useful laptop too :P. I hope this year msia's market will be better and improving all the time :D. I think one last thing that we all hope for is a change in the perception of certain ppl's. We all know who and we can pray and work hard on it. Never give up my friends, tis is a beautiful country afterall.
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