Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Reflecting my holidays

Time flies, 2 months just whisk pass me and tmr I'm back in college for my orientation. My final year of studying has arrived, it's exciting, it's a bit scary too, it's what I've been waiting for? Well I don't know what's in for my final year except the part of having a final year project.

So here I sit looking back at what I did for the holidays. So I had a list of what I want to achieve:
1. Finish up my java 2 book lessons
2. Finish up my C++ lessons
3. Read up on books which I haven't finish
4. Think of a FYP title
5. Change my bad attitude
6. Get closer to God
7. Start and complete my ecology website
8. Learn yoga from mom
9. Finish reading self-help books

All above are what I planned for my holidays, but I only succeeded in item no. 4,5,6 and half of 7. Wow!! I still wasted lots of time doing things that I didn't quite remember. I think most of the time I am sleeping, chatting, watching shows/anime/dvd, and reading the Holy Bible. The most useful thing I did was seeking God constantly. I feel proud of it but I also feel disappointed at myself for not achieving the rest. It tells how well I manage my time, when there is too much time I can't manage it well, when there is too little time I also can't manage it well. It's time to learn time management, but being to organised makes life less interesting :p.

I love challenges that come my way. I take it on, I try my best and well He is guiding me :D. Lately I have been thinking a lot bout my final year and all. I have a good feeling about it, I'm not worried or scared, it's definitely the next challenge in my life but I go through it, I just know somehow, can't really explain that feeling of assurance.

Anyway, the ecophesto website will be up but delayed. I will get it done even if I have to do everything myself. It's something that must be done because it's my passion and a promise that I would get it done

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