Thursday, November 2, 2006

Life is like a boat

A small hut, a shelter ,a home, a secured place. Looking outside you see the clear blue sea, white sandy beach, the reflection of the sea shines in your eyes. Pop a thought comes into your head, a wonderful day to ride a boat and just read in the middle of the sea.

Out you go, out of that beautiful comfy hut. Across that sandy beach, into a boat (what boat is according your own imagination). So out you go, sailing that beautiful sea. The sea is so calm that reading a book doesn't give you a headache from all the tiny waves. Just calm, no waves. You see fishes swimming , you see the beautiful coral.

Sitting there in your boat, you enjoy the wonderful breeze. What a wonderful life you have. Then the sky darkens, waves start to form. Your boat starts to rock. You're afraid, you wanna be back at your hut.

So do we all start our lives like this? Yes, in the start you are protected in your hut which represents your home. Our parents have always tried to protect from this world, since we were young up until now. When the story states that you are on the boat, those are our teenage years, probably age 16 to whatever age you are now. Our lives start to have a bit of drama, a bit of problems (major or small), it's rocking your life. No more smooth sails. So how do i relate life and boat? I'm considering the part of our teenage years till now. So firstly we have smooth sailing, studying in high school, what major problems can you get? I doubt those are major at all.

So from there we enter college/ university, things might shake a bit, you meet new people, socializing starts to complicate, relationships come, backstabbing comes in group projects perhaps. So a boat similar to our lives will rock, will be stable at times. Life is full of drama, we may never seem to realise it. We often dream of having lives like those in the movies/tv series.

Somehow I lost track of what I wanted to write :P. Anyway I think no matter how life changes, stable or unstable, there is someone to keep you calm in these matters. Can you guess who? Knowing me it will be God of course :P. Currently I'm having a bit of a matter, deciding what to do for my FYP (final year project). I'm stuck in between two ideas which came to me from lots of prayers. Somehow I think one path was open for me by God. I don't know whether He is telling me to take that road or the other. Both road seems interesting, but both hard at the same time.

I'm so frustated on what to do now, 3 more week to college starts!!

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