Saturday, October 21, 2006

The riddle

Long since I updated, well I think I only update when something inspires me, a msg from God perhaps. So the thing that gave me inspiration is the song "The riddle" from Five for Fighting. A great song like all the other songs of theirs that top the charts. So the chorus here hits me where I will relate to the message that I am soon to share.

Here's a riddle for you
Find the Answer
There's a reason for the world
You and I...

So do we really know our reason being in this great big world that God made? Some of us know, some of us are still searching. For those who know, is it really your reason being here? One thing is for sure, we who believe in God will receive that reason because God created us for a reason. That reason is something that we should do, our purpose here shall be done only by us. Each of us have a different purpose, if we sway away what will happen to God's great plan for this world? I wish to know but why make your own purpose for yourself when God already prepared one for you. God always knows what's best for us, by following that purpose, we are walking a path that has been made for us. Everything is laid down, all we have to do is follow. While God walks in front, we only need to follow. Sounds easy huh? I guess it is easy, like I've said there will be hard times but God prepared it therefore He will lead you through it.

Having said all these do I have proof? I do, what I am going through now is proof enough that God has made a plan for me. Sometimes you'll have this feeling that you do not know where you are going but at the same time you know where ever it is, its a wonderful place. I'm following Him and my life have been filled with much joy, every hole I fall in, there is a reason for it and I learn from it. This life of mine have never been better ever since the day I gave it all to Him, My Lord , My Saviour. When I felt that God was not leading, He has reassured me that He is by someone who prayed for me.

Anyway aside from my spiritual journey, I am currently working on the environmental website that I said I will. Things are ok for now, I have made a temporary website. check it out when I am online,

Nothing there yet, because I am working on the admin functions. Soon we will implement the user function after we settle our interface design. My birthday is coming soon :P, 4th of Nov, lucky for me it's a saturday. So I'll be having a small celebration only with a few friends over, hope to see them soon. It's the holidays and here I am pondering on something fun :P. Nintendo dslite, yeap that is something that I wanted for quite sometime, saved for it, gonna get it next monday where my dad will chip in half while i pay the other half. My birthday present for myself and half from my dad :P

Will update once i get that console of mine :P

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