Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Haha, so lazy to update, well saturday my childhood friend and his dad came to have dinner with my family. After that we went to jazz musical festical with them :D. My dad cooked us dinner, he got lazy and used the oven so the food was not as good as he wanted :(. But then again it's good food :D.

Well at the jazz musical festival, i bought secret reciper chocolate indulgence coz my sis wanted and it was so sweet . So she ate most of it then we went to buy starbucks drinks :D. After that sumthing funny happened to me, i sat at my mom's seat and when i lean back i fell down :(. Coz the leg of the chair got caught in a hole :(. So humiliating and so hard to get up. My family and my friend had a good laugh though :D.

Sunday i think i stayed at home and felt tired to do anything, sleep alot though :P.

Yesterday nothing special. Today also nothing much, but then again there are assignments to rush again yet i feel so relax :P. I wonder why, i guess i know it's best not to mention why. I will keep it to myself unless sumeone ask me why lor :D.

Dunno wat to really put in here, there are many things but at the same time i dun feel like it is right to put it here coz it might not be my business. But i feel that it's hard sumtimes to help ppl becoz we're so blinded by things that are wrong sumtimes. We try to help but then again that someone might not need our help or it's just hard to reach him/her. I know how it feels now becoz sumtimes ppl try to help me but i cant see how they can help, they dun mean any harm but they really care for me :D. Thank you my friends who try to help me in this tough period :D. Why tough?? My close friends know why so i wanna say thank you for being by my side, it is tough but i was glad that u were there for me, God too :D

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