Friday, June 17, 2016

The Crown

A selection can only have one winner.
A princess only has one heart.

When Eadlyn became the first princess of Illea to told her own Selection, she didn't expect to fall in love the way her parents did twenty years ago. But sometimes the heart has a way of surprising you...and soon Eadlyn must make a choice that feels more impossible- and more important-than she ever imagined. - excerpt from book.

The Crown by Kiera Cass is the last book in the series. I was excited to read this book but was disappointed that it was so short, everything wrapped up really quickly. The book felt like a rush job and everyone's story just completed in a matter of 278 pages which was way too short for me. I didn't get the satisfaction of the characters growing where they slowly transition into the person the author wanted them to be and have the ending that was meant for them. It was just "oh you were like this and then it became like that" nothing much in between happening. The readers would just have to accept that it ended that way for those characters which were the boys in the Elite specifically.

As for the plot, everything happened really quickly. The whole story was on a speeding train and there was so much more that I feel the author could have expanded on. Because there were so many characters involved, there are so many mini plots that could be written. Even though the book was short I felt that the plot was not exciting enough, I could sort of predict what would happen. Sad to say I'm not satisfied with the twist and turns because I saw it coming.

To be blunt, I was anticipating a lot for this book as the previous book ended with suspense. I am disappointed at the things that happened in the book, the speed of it happening. The characters all did not have room to grow at all and they could have had more happening for them. Overall, it ended the way I thought it would so no surprises there. The first 3 books were certainly good and this last 2 did not give me the same feelings previously. I would recommend people to only read the first 3 and as for the last 2 you don't lose much for not reading it at all.

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