Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You Are Most Like

Often when we read we can connect to characters and usually we love their personality. This is because we probably see ourselves in them or maybe we aspire to be like them. This is definitely one hard topic to think about because there are so many characters that I've read about and many that I felt connected to. Firstly these characters are not necessary totally a copy of me, we're just similar. So without being in any order my list is as follows:


Isla is a very shy and cute girl. The way that she fell in love was just too cute. I see a little bit of myself in her as I do have crushes on boys during my high school years. Acting all sweet and cute, trying to sneak glances at the boy. What a long time ago it was and when I think back I often laugh at my silliness.

Princess Mia

I am no princess that's for sure but the thing that's similar with Mia and I are writing in a diary.  I used to have a habit of writing about everything into my diary and that was in my high school years. Eventually I got lazy. Also we have this thing where overthinking about things/situations, making too many assumptions in common. This always ends up in a disaster but I've long changed that part of me because I always end up making an ass out of myself.


Always sticking to one friend who is also the best friend, that's my high school life. Like Emily I'm a person who's afraid of changes, always staying inside my comfort zone. Of course as the book progresses, Emily grows and becomes more brave in doing new things. I still have some fear about changes but I feel that I can handle it better now than I was in high school. Sometimes changes bring about unexpected things and with the big change that happened in my life, I feel right now I'm stronger and wiser.


Marguerite is such a strong character in the story and she loves so strongly. That is the personality that I felt connected to her. The way she loves her family and Paul was just dear to my heart, it truly touched my heart. Many a times the decisions she makes because of her love were so on point, it's definitely what I would do if caught in the same situation.


Tessa is a character who loves reading and that is one thing that I love too. Besides that she is a character that is so selfless which one characteristics that I hope I have. I think I am selfless but sometimes this behaviour can be selfish because you only think what you do is for the good of others. In actuality it might not be the case, you can think it's for their own good but they might not approve. I feel that I've been in situations like this before so sometimes I just step back and ask myself is it right? The best thing to do when trying to be selfless is to consider the other party's feelings and also just ask them.

So what's your top 5 characters you are like most? I know my list is just one or two out of them and that is because it's hard to find characters that can be so similar to you. It would be creepy to find that actually, that the author made up a character that is just like you. Please share your pick down at the comments with me. Thank you!!


  1. I haven't read any of these books except Clockwork Princess, and I adore Tessa. She's so selfless, strong yet vulnerable, and all things that make her a perfectly imperfect character. When I read books, the characters that I am attracted to are those whom I feel are better versions of me, like, Lonna 2.0. :D

    1. I feel the same too, someone I really aspire to be


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