Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Top 5 - Best Suggested Books You Loved

I have always been on the lookout in the book community for the hypes and the trends that is going on around the world. With technology being a necessity in everyday life, social media often influences my book buying. No longer do I just walk in a bookstore without any aim, walking along shelves to simply find a book by reading it's excerpt at the back. Nowadays, I often buy my books based on suggestions or reviews from Youtube (booktubers), Google+ (book bloggers), and also Goodreads.

So pretty much a big portion of my books are suggested by someone and sometimes I treat those as my research on what to read too =P. But sometimes I do pick up books based on people whom I know real life (my cousin sisters). Therefore the list below is really the best that I've read in no particular order:

The Selection series

This series was recommended to me by my cousin sister, she has already completed the series when she told me about it. She is known to not like books with romances but she actually enjoyed this hence I was interested in the book knowing that her taste in books are similar to mine. I really really enjoyed the series because it was not insta-love crap that I usually do not agree with. I like that through time America manage to make her decision and find true love from the series, also this book had a good message along with it. I've already written reviews for all three books, links are below:

The Night Circus

This book was very enchanting, very magical and a book that is so hard to predict. The characters were fantastic, the descriptions of the place was so wonderful, it's definitely a must read and I always recommend it on bookstagram. This was a book that I learnt about from Youtube and I can't quite remember who was the booktuber. I also have reviewed the book, spoiler free here: The Night Circus

The Lunar Chronicles

This book had so much hype in Youtube, much much love was given by booktubers. Even in bookstagram you will always spot this book at least once a day. Finally when the last book is out, I went to buy all 4 of it. The night I start reading the first book, 20 pages in I was hooked, so excited for every incident that happened. I was so satisfied and hungry for the next book which I started right after I'm done with Cinder. The second book gets better and better and I knew that this series have already earned a place in my heart without me finishing it. Currently, I'm reading the third book - Cress and so far I'm loving it. Do check out my reviews: CinderScarlet Seriously this book I highly recommend it, even though it has science fiction stuff but it's not very hard to understand at all.

The Darkest Minds
Another book that was recommended by my cousin sister, I actually bought this based on booktubers already but have not read it yet. My cousin urged me to read it because she said it was very good. This month I put it in my TBR and determined to read it which I just completed the first book just two days ago. I have yet to write my review because I'm still compiling my thoughts on the book. It is such a great book and I can only say that I love it and can't wait to read the second book which I don't have and need to purchase very soon.

Anna and the French Kiss

At that time before I picked up this book I was not so into young adult books, also I wasn't reading so religiously yet. I then discover booktubers and that's how I got to know this book. It was such a silly, fun and sweet teenage romance that I enjoyed it quite a lot. Given my inexperience in teenage love this book was a breathe of fresh air in romance. Truly an adorable book to read. After that I definitely have no qualms about getting the companion books and they were great too. Here is my review: Anna and the French Kiss , Lola and the Boy Next Door , Isla and the Happily Ever After

The booktuber and book review community have strongly influenced my reading these few years and I'm greatly appreciative of it. I'm also happy that my cousin makes such good suggestions to  me. I hope my sharing here can do the same for you in finding good books to enjoy. The reason for my reviews has always been to help people make decisions on what books to read and also I enjoy writing about my love for books.Do share what suggestions you have loved from people and the community, I'm always up to read new stories =D. Take care and thanks for reading!!

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