Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Half Wild

Nathan Byrn is on the run. 
White witches hunt him. 
Black witches hate him. 
His gift from his murderous father is a wild new power he can't control.
He  must find the girl he loves who may have betrayed him.
In a war between black and white witches with his loyalties split between both the greatest danger Nathan faces might be himself... - excerpt from back of book.

Half Wild by Sally Green is the second book after Half Bad, it continues right after the ending of the previous book.  I was excited to continue this book as the previous book had a suspended ending but unfortunately for me I couldn't remember much of what happened previously. I skimmed through the first book before starting this one. It started off slow for just a bit and then action and then slow down and then action. Imagine yourself on a roller coaster ride that keeps going up and then down quickly many times throughout the plot. While I was reading it, it felt really annoying because there was a lot of jerking on the reader but after I completed the whole book I felt that it was quite a good plot in the end. 

This second book can seem boring at some parts but the twists were really good. The "boring" parts are important as it's where you get to know new characters which were really interesting, let them grow and also letting our main character grow at the same time. One character from the previous book was introduced quite late into the story but in this book, there's more of him and it was good to have him around, it truly made a difference for the main character. I like that we get to know more about the main character's trusted friend and to see him grow too. There were some qualities of the main character that I did  not like at all and I feel that it was because of his behaviour, the ending was as such. It proves to show that the author planned really well for how the main character would be and how it would impact the plot.

What I feel lacking in this book is when there are fight scenes, it's not detail enough and too brief for me. I also wished more magic were used in fights, instead there were guns. The magic in this book is just too lacking but the plot and the characters make up for it. Towards the end of the book, things get heated up really good and I loved the direction of the story. The ending was good and like the first book it was a cliffhanger type.

Honestly, it was not bad for a second book but it wasn't as good as the first one for me. It didn't grasp my attention completely at the start, only towards the end it was hard to put down the book. I think the lacking in magic and fighting made me a bit disappointed. The ending would be the only reason why I would pick up the last book because I would like to know what happens after that but it's not like I'm super eager or excited to get my hands on it. I don't mind waiting and I have a feeling I would forget this book by the time the last book is out. This book was good but not good enough and it contributed in making me drop its favoritism a notch. 

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