Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bonbon Cakery: Overview

I was so happy to finally see this game translated into English version, Bonbon Cakery. It's another free game offered by Kairosoft but of course they will always find other ways to earn just like Beastie Bay and Dream House Days. You just need to spend more time than those who are willing to pay to buy in-game items because it just comes slower. The in-game items are premium tickets and medals, just like the previous two free games which helps leveling up ingredients, staff and others in the game.

What you find similar (Cafe Nipponica, Sushi Spinnery) in this game is that you will need to experiment with base and ingredients to unlock new recipes. Those new recipes will give you more choices to sell in your bakery. The need to sell various things in your bakery is because it appeals to different customers where they level up and unlock things such as ingredients, promotions and etc to progress your game. Games like Hot Spring Story, World Cruise Story and many more have to level up their customers and this game is no exception. Bonbon Cakery certainly has all the same elements/game play that every other Kairosoft game usually have which means you must spend many hours on.

After playing this game for a good hour or two and unlocking all the things available in the game I thought it was just okay. It kinda reminded me of Sushi Spinnery and Cafe Nipponica but much different in terms of the theme and also more similar to the free games. I did enjoy the game but it's difficult to get medals and tickets because you either spend many hours or pay to purchase them. Obviously if you pay, you get to finish this game faster but I'm the type who likes to have games that can be played many hours. As of now I have yet to know whether the locations of your store can be changed or not but I know that you can expand the shelf sizes that you use and add more table set to your shop. I like that you could expand your restaurant to other cities in Cafe Nipponica but this game does not have it (after doing some research on the internet) which is such a waste.

Overall, the thing that only attracted me to play is that it's free and having a bakery/pastry shop theme. If you have enjoyed Kairosoft games such as Cafe Nipponica, Sushi Spinnery and others then try this game. Below are some screenshots of the game:

*Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this by any company or person*

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