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Lena was so looking forward to the cure most of her life. She just wanted to be cured and be happy since her mother suicide because of deliria. Lena now lives with her aunt Carol and live life according to the order for non-cured. Getting the cure before 18 is dangerous therefore it's not practised. Lena goes to an all girl school because of the disease hence the female and male under 18 goes to school separately to avoid being infected. Those who are not cured are not allowed to mix around the opposite gender that are non-cured and they have a curfew to not stay out pass 9 at night.

Lena and her best friend Hana were to be evaluated on the same day. The evaluation is to pick a match for them, those who are cured and graduated high school will be married if they were not going to college. Lena walked with her aunt to the lab while Hana got driven there by car. They both line up to wait for their turn and when it was Hana's turn she came to Lena and said something before going into the lab. What Hana said was not normal for her and it made Lena slightly nervous when it was her turn. Lena's evaluation was interrupted when there was noise outside the room and it turns out to be a stampede of cows wearing wigs and gowns.  Lena looked up at the observation deck and saw there was a boy there smiling at the incident that happened.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver is about a dystopian world where love is a disease and by 18 there will be a procedure that people undergo to completed be cured from it. I really really love this book, the idea/story is really original and good. What I love the most is the message that the author is sending out from the story. The other thing that I love about this book is the way feelings of our heroine is described. Below are two quotes from the book that I especially love but there are more because the whole book is like that, so beautifully written.

"My heart is drumming in my chest so hard it aches, but it's the good kind of ache, like the feeling you get on the first day of real autumn, when the air is crisp and the leaves are all flaring at the edges and the wind smells just vaguely of smoke - like the end and the beginning of something all at once."pg. 277-278

"Love: a single word, a wispy thing, a word no bigger or longer than an edge. That's what it is: an edge; a razor. It draws up through the center of your life, cutting everything in two. Before and after. The rest of the world falls away on either side. Before and after - and during, a moment no bigger or longer than an edge." pg. 358

As for character development, it's just fantastic how the main heroine can grow so much and have so much insight. The side characters were also quite well written and certainly made the story interesting in their own way. I really love how the characters think and react to situations. I have to say that the plot of the story is ever so smooth with climatic situations happening at the right timing. I cannot predict much for this book which is the element that kept me reading on. A book that is so hard to put down because things that happen are just that good.

I really think this book proves that the author keeps getting better after writing Before I Fall. It's a fantastic book to read and I highly recommend to dystopian and contemporary readers. I can see myself picking up this book to read again soon because I greatly enjoyed the writing. I'm just so happy that I have the whole set and need not to wait for the second book. 

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