Thursday, April 17, 2014


Everyone gathered at the beach as Panic was going to start soon. The crowd slowly increased like every year the game always begins where people who want to compete would require to jump off that cliff into the sea. Those who have the guts to do it will enter the Panic game. Heather gathered there with her friends to watch and give support to her best friend Natalie who decided to join. The rules are simple where you just have to pass the test to reach the final round and be the winner whereby those stages are fear related situations. Although Heather is there to support Natalie but her eyes was elsewhere looking for Matt. Sadly, she saw him with someone else and that means their relationship ended. Heather did not feel good at all which resulted in her jumping down the cliff and taking part in Panic in the heat of the moment.

Panic by Lauren Oliver is about teenagers competing in a secret game held in their town where the winner takes about 50,000 dollars but this year it amounted up to 67,000 dollars. The author has written 4 books and those were New York Times bestselling titles. I bought and read this book first as it was the latest one from her and I got the privilege to meet her in person at a local book store. I got my copies signed and was really excited to read this. Before I started the book, I did hear some inspirational words from the author and some of the things she likes about endings. Her words of the ending made sense after I finish the book but I did hope for more but then again it's her writing style and I appreciated it.

I quite liked this book with two perspectives involved that slowly linked up and the connection will show eventually. At the start of the book it's slow as it is building up suspension and I quite liked the direction of it. One of the main characters were mysterious at first which makes me want to read more to find out.  The background story of the characters are certainly good and well written. I also love the personality of the characters as they were different people with different goals. The plot of the book is good and when the twist happened, it really got me by surprise which I loved.

The meaning behind the book and the message that the author is sending to the readers is a point that I love much. The characters are caught in situations that are realistic and how they face and conquer it was really good. I was greatly entertained by the book and it gave me much assurance that the previous books the author wrote was certainly good and not hyped up by marketing. I highly recommend this to contemporary book lovers and also readers who love Lauren Oliver's previous books. I can't wait to start on her other books now! In terms of re-reading, I don't think it is likely to happen for me anytime soon.

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