Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Red Glove

Cassel's mother was released from jail in the previous book and then use her touch on Lila to make her love him. Cassel was devastated with it and so he avoided Lila the whole summer. He followed his mother to Atlantic City where he helped her run cons and they lived in a 5 star hotel without paying a cent. It was a crazy summer and his mother asked for one last scam before he returned to school. Cassel was to snatch her handbag in front of their target (loves to save damsels) will help his mother. While he did what his mother asked, he injured himself in the process but his mother was able to use her curse on the target.

Cassel's mother was really happy and she wanted to celebrate with the son until there was a ring at their hotel room. It was the target and he recognize Cassel very well and their scam failed. His mother was very upset on the drive back home where he complained about her and resulted in Cassel being slapped. Cassel was dropped off at school and the term was about to start.

Later, he was shocked that Lila enrolled into his school to be with him even though she was cursed. Lila told him that it was hard for her to stay away from him. Things were not going well for Cassel as he was whisked away on the first day by FBI agents to find out that his eldest brother Philip was murdered. The agents insisted that Cassel investigate and find the killer by threatening him. At his brother's funeral, Lila and her father attended where Lila's father tries to recruit him to help the mob. Cassel does not want to join either side and so he has to work out a way to save himself.

Red Glove by Holly Black is the second book to the curse worker trilogy and it continues after Cassel found out that he is a transformation worker which is one of the rarest. Though the ending of the first book seems quite conclusive but the second book was wonderfully written with a new adventure. The side characters for the first book gets more development in this book and I really enjoyed that. Of course, our main character is also growing up. I also love the relationships in the book which is quite realistic because of the situations faced and behaviors of the characters.

I love that this book's story challenges our main character and he reacts really well to it. The plots again are surprising, exciting and very smooth. This book really captured my attention from start till end. Every action and plan has a purpose which is fruitful to the plots. This author can write a story that pretty much has no flaws at all. The second book also contains con elements in it and much human behaviors along with morals. It's a book that is smart as the main character can really think well. If you love the first book, this book is just as good. It has a really good con and I believe it is a book worth reading. 

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