Thursday, February 13, 2014

Black Heart

Cassel solved his brother's murder and at the same time manage to cut a deal for his other brother to join the government as an agent. Cassel himself will also be joining them when he finishes his high school. At the of book two, Lila has formally joined her father and made markings that shows she is part of the mob. Even though he has not join as an agent yet, once a week Cassel receive training from his brother. Today they are following Lila and she handed cash to another fellow.

Cassel and Barron followed that guy and waited at a diner across the street. Baron stepped out awhile to make a phone call and Cassel caught the guy in action killing someone. He decided to chase after him and ended up in an alley. Cassel confronted the guy and knocked the gun out of his hand but still lost him as the murderer jumped over the fence. When the feds came to where he was, he quickly hid the gun and details about Lila ordering the hit.

Another thing that troubles Cassel is that his mother was no where to be found since her act of con was exposed by the victim. She is now a wanted criminal by the feds. Lila called Cassel to meet with her and she drove him to her father's place. His mother has gotten herself in another pinch where years ago she tricked Lila's father and stole his gem. Now Cassel have to find the gem as the one his mother has is fake or else her life will be taken. Cassel is working against time to find the gem and also secretly as he can't let the feds know of his situation.

Black Heart by Holly Black is the final book to the curse workers trilogy. I really love the ending for this book and to the series. All the plots and twist in the book is just unexpected and wonderful. The main character is a indeed a smart guy pulling a con that you would have not thought of. The many turns of events in the book is truly exciting which grasp your attention well. Out of the trilogy this is my favorite book as there is more action and lots of emotions from the characters.The relationships for the characters in this book is well portrayed and it really makes you feel for them because of their situations that is so messed up. There is much character development for everyone in the book.

The writing is just as good as the other two books with smooth plots that slowly builds up tension for you and then the climax just gets you unexpectedly. Holly Black can really write a good fantasy that is not of the norm paired with  much human emotions and behaviors. I also love that she included an element that is not used much which is cons. This book is so well written that I believe there are no flaws and I wouldn't change anything at all. A fantastic trilogy to read and it definitely satisfies readers who love books on con and fantasy. I highly recommend the series as Holly Black's writing is quite enchanting and capturing.

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